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SC&C Twitter strategies, executive networkingTwitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It offers you the ability to expand your network and demonstrate technical and industry competence, while adding a powerful marketing tool to your job search arsenal.

It can be a strategic tool. It can help you establish an executive presence. If you are like most people, you don’t have the time to build and maintain your own blog page. This is the advantage of Twitter. In 140 characters, you can build and continue to reinforce your reputation as an expert. Also, Twitter has changed the nature and the face of recruiting. Knowing where to look, you can find thousands of recruiters on Twitter. What better way to communicate with them?

SC&C executive networking strategiesBuilding a proper Twitter profile is nearly as important as your LinkedIn profile. The people who are hiring screen you carefully. Many times they do this based upon their first viewing of your brand profile, whether that is LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook. Building a Twitter account and then building your network is not enough. You must work it, as well, in order to build your reputation in your field. Remember, the HR personnel are younger these days and you can be assured they know about Twitter and are looking to see if you do, too. That translates into how efficient you are with new technologies.

How does your Twitter profile look and what is the depth of your Twitter network in relationship to your personal and LinkedIn network? Why not call us and let’s review your brand and discuss how you can move it to the next level.

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