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SC&C Facebook strategies, networking tips, executive networking strategiesFacebook is a new technology phenomenon. Our children use it. Our friends use it. They communicate, quite literally, about everything under the sun. Real executives don’t need it. Right? Perhaps they do or perhaps they do not.

Before you discount this media giant, remember that it is all about brand; that is, how people perceive you. Corporations are moving to Facebook and savvy executives are, too. It is part of networking.

Most interviews and ultimately most jobs are secured though networking. How does one use Facebook to build a network? You will also want to remember that Facebook allows you to merge your business persona with your personal side and compliment your LinkedIn profile.

SC&C networking tipsThe question is then, “how much personal and how much business do you include in your Facebook profile?” How do your build your network in such a way as to have an impact on your executive search efforts?

Why don’t you call us and discuss your branding strategies. We can share suggestions for improvements that you can make to your brand that will increase your network, secure multiple interviews, and increase your offers.

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