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SC&C Executive WebFolio©

SCC Executive WebFolioIn today’s job search, your executive brand should be comprised of a well-constructed resume, a stand-alone personal web site, and a comprehensive social media presence. The total value-add of your brand entices employers to call you for an interview and also want to employ you for more money than they thought they would have to pay. Your negotiation strength is a direct result of excellent branding.

Companies tell us that the Stewart, Cooper & Coon WebFolio© is a key reason they select our clients for interviews, from among dozens of applicants. Our clients tell us that after they received an offer, their SC&C WebFolio© was critical, not only in helping them to secure meaningful interviews quickly, but helping the employer quickly visualize their potential as a value-add contributor to the company.

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But, before you do, ask yourself this question–How competitive is my brand right now? You might also ask yourself this question–When I look at my current brand, as compared to the WebFolios© and resumes contained in them, would I secure the interview if I was competing against an SC&C client who was using their SC&C WebFolio© as part of their brand?

Your value-add proposition will drive your chances for multiple interviews and meaningful offers. How strong is your value-add proposition?

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