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Individual Executive Placement

Companies hire executives they feel will deliver multiples of  cost basis (salary, benefits, support costs) AND are a  good behavioral “fit.” 

As an executive, you have value.  Knowing how to communicate your value and eliminate your competitors, either during resume selection all the way through interviewing and negotiation, demands clarity.

Clarity as you define and state strategic career objectives that support your intended next-level of employment, multi-channel marketing strategies that increase your exposure to decision makers, precise plan implementation and execution, and an easy-to-understand, crystal clear “value-add” brand.

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Your value-added brand is not built by posting an executive resume on job boards or LinkedIn™ and then sitting back and hoping someone will call you. A great value-driven brand must demonstrate to the company, the recruiter, or to anyone viewing it, that if they hire you over all others, you will increase the company’s top and/or bottom line.

Companies are impressed when they interview Stewart, Cooper & Coon clients. They recognize that our clients bring more to the table and are willing to pay them more. We help our clients effectively communicate their value-add to everyone with whom they interview.

Strong executive marketing strategies change the traditional process of having to ask for more money and hoping you get it, into negotiation sessions where they feel great about giving you more than you are asking for.

Our clients effectively communicate their “value-add” to everyone, whether on paper, online or to those with whom they interview. Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s individual executive placement services ensure excellent compensation packages and successful career management. Whether it is improving their careers, larger financial packages, or exploring new ventures, our clients achieve their goals because employers see them as highly competitive professionals who bring significant value to any company they join.

Call and speak with an experienced professional and let’s explore your value-add and we’ll share with you how it compares with other executives at your level, call Stewart Cooper & Coon.

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