Don’t Keep Waiting to Get Noticed by Your Next Employer

Before a company will hire you, they must believe three things about you as an executive:

  • You’ll cover your costs.
  • You’ll generate sales or profits in multiples of your costs.
  • You’ll be a good behavioral fit for their company culture.

Their belief stems from how well you clarify your value and how well you structure your job or career transition plan. Clarity comes from a clear, step-by-step strategy that communicates your value to the company or organization.

Before you apply, you will require a fully developed brand. An executive brand must immediately compel action on the part of the hiring authority. To accomplish this your brand must be clear and comprehensive.

Successful executive branding begins with a resume and LinkedIn™ profile but it is much more than that. In these times, and with the number of other executives competing for the same position, your executive brand must show how you will significantly contribute to the company's success. To secure more relevant interviews, enhance your ability to negotiate a better package, and move yourself towards a rewarding and sustaining career, you will need a powerful brand. With this, you can position yourself to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that you are the only executive candidate that will meet and exceed the company’s goals and expectations.

Companies employ executives that can produce multiples of their cost AND who are a good behavioral “fit.”