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How Recruitment Agencies Can Benefit Your Business

A company’s success is a direct offshoot of the quality of its employees.  In an age where turnover rates are at an all time high due to the large number of retirees, coupled with younger workers who are still discovering their professional paths, more companies are seeking the services of professional recruiters to find qualified talent who will grow with their organization.

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When should a company seek assistance from a recruitment agency? 

Human Resource departments can face a challenging undertaking when ensuring the company access to a recurrent stream of highly qualified candidates who also fit within the company culture.  If your HR department seems consumed exclusively with the task of hiring, reaching out to a recruitment agency can help reduce an overwhelming workload and allow them to redirect their attention to other important circumstances within the company.  Furthermore, business owners who do not employ a large human resources department may find the task of seeking and hiring new employees equally as arduous and time-consuming; taking time away from other important aspects of running their business.  In either case, a recruitment agency can allow business owners and HR departments to focus on the existing matters of their organization and leave the hiring to an expert in the field.

Aside from offsetting the workload, seeking recruitment services can assure your company prescreened access to the top talent in your salary budget-range, while speeding up the overall hiring process.  Recruiters specialize in organizing strategies that meet the needs of both job candidates and employers.

Here, we summarize a variety of ways professional recruitment agencies can benefit your company.

Publicized Vacancies

Companies often put a great deal of time and effort into creating an exceptional job posting and then wonder why they are not receiving the caliber or number of candidates they had anticipated.  This is usually a simple matter of ineffective marketing strategies.  Qualified candidates can’t apply for jobs they aren’t aware of, and this is exactly where recruitments agencies can help.  A professional recruitment consultant can put the word out in areas you may not have access to as business owner.  Their network of connections both online and off will ensure that your job description is receiving the advertising it needs, helping along the hiring process.

Capacity to Spot Talent

This is another instance where recruiters can offer a valuable service simply by tapping into networks the average employer does not have access to.  When a recruiter learns of a new job opening, they have the resources and ability to scout for an employee who will suit the needs of your company.  Professional recruiters also hold detailed knowledge regarding specific areas of the job market, as well as local demographics of talented job seekers.  Since recruiters have the opportunity to search through a much larger reserve of talent, the odds are greater that you will be referred a quality candidate in a shorter amount of time than if you had sought them out independently.

Screen and Interview Job Candidates

When a job candidate interviews with a recruitment agency, it is a very different experience than interviewing directly with the hiring company.  Recruiters use the interview process as an opportunity to thoroughly screen candidates before they are sent out on actual job interviews with client companies. It is during this time that job candidates may partake in skills tests, learn more about available positions at companies that match their needs and abilities, and are told what is expected of them by potential employers.  Additionally, recruiters will frequently include background checks, which can also save you time and money in the long run.

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Salary Negotiations

Since salary negotiations can be a tedious process, companies are often appreciative when recruiters can handle this aspect.  You can ask that your recruitment agency only send you candidates requesting salaries within a certain budget range.  If a particular candidate is outstanding in his or her field, and is requesting a salary slightly over your budget, your recruiter may still inform you if they feel the candidate would be an excellent fit.  However, it is in the best interest of both the job candidate as well as the hiring company if the requested salary matches the offered one before the interview process begins.

Short or Long-Term Solutions

When a company finds themselves in a situation where an important employee suddenly quits, sometimes there is no time to waste, and employers find themselves scrambling for assistance.  Hiring a temporary worker can be the answer to your problems, and a recruitment agency can make this happen quickly.  Be sure to clarify whether you are seeking a strictly temporary contract worker or if it is a position that may lead to permanent employment with your company.  Many employers find that hiring temps is an effective way to ascertain whether a qualified employee is a good fit for the long term.

Locating a recruitment agency that best suits your staffing needs, and utilizing the wide range of solutions they have to offer is a sound investment in the future of your business.

By Fred Coon, CEO


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