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Helen V. – CEO – New International Opportunity Created Just For Her

It is my great pleasure to announce that Helen V. has formally accepted and is now working as the CEO for XXXX, a commercial, for profit, clothing manufacturer that will be selling products produced by women overseas, as part of a program to generate funds for a sister non-profit organization. The non-profit organization provides start-up funds so women can become employed in their own business ventures. The support gives them a track record so that the small business can then qualify for micro credit loans from regional banks.

This position came about from a networking connection in China, who knew of the founder of the non-profit and thought Helena might be a good connection for her. Helen wanted to leave the high pressure, high ego world of talent representation around the world for her former company and find a career that would give her a challenge but also one that would make a difference. This new venture did not exist when Helena started her career search.  Using our value-added methods she branded herself appropriately and marketed that brand successfully. I am sure Helen did not anticipate such a terrific outcome that would meet so many of her desires! Congratulations, Helen!

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