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Growing Your Business Through Video Marketing

As all business owners know, marketing is a central aspect of any organization.  How can business build and retain a customer base without some form of advertising exposure?  Fortunately, social media has made it possible to launch a myriad of campaigns which easily capture the attention of your target audience. However, with so many campaign choices, CEOs must still research and weigh their best marketing options.

Here, we will discuss the medium of video marketing, a valuable tool that appeals to customers on a level of intensity that many other marketing campaigns cannot achieve.

Video Marketing - sharing video concept

Appealing on an emotional level

The power of video marketing cannot be ignored in its ability to appeal to the public on an emotional level. As neuroscientist and author, Andrew Tate, reported in his blog, “10 Scientific Reasons People Are Wired to Respond to Your Visual Marketing”, human beings are mainly visual creatures. While the other senses naturally come into play, they work even more effectively when blended with visual stimuli.  When we hear a portion of information, as of a few days later, chances are we will only be able to accurately remember approximately 10 percent of what we heard.  However, adding a visual to that information causes our memory to retain a noteworthy 65 percent.  It is the effective combination of visual and audible stimuli which makes video such valuable marketing option.

The added benefit of video creates even more impact through testimonials, for example.  Potential customers who actually view other individuals in their peer group reinforcing the benefits of a product or service are more profoundly affected than if they had merely read the very same words. Observing people’s expressions and hearing their words offers more credence and credibility to their statements, and is essentially, more believable. Since we’ve established that humans simultaneously react to sights and sounds, hearing and seeing other people who are convincing and believable is what renders video marketing truly indispensible.

Choosing video marketing as part of your advertising campaign will also allow you to:

  • Build your brand. The more quality online content you have published, the more exposure your brand receives.
  • Climb up search engine ranks. Search engine robots scrub the Internet, finding and relating websites with the most traffic and relatable information. Because videos are so popular, they can increase traffic to your website, which in turn, helps the site move up in search engine ranking.
  • Increase time spent on your website. The idea is to not only target and draw traffic to your website, but to keep them there. Videos attract attention from all corners of the Internet, including social media, which means your own traffic will increase along with the actual amount of time individuals are spending on your website.
  • Attract new customers. Since videos are one of the most frequently shared mediums on the internet, they are an obvious way of attracting new potential customers to your website.

How video marketing can grow your business

In addition to more general exposure, there are several other ways where video marketing can help enhance the growth of your business, for example:

  • Product demonstration. Highlighting your merchandise through video allows you to demonstrate to your customers how your product works, its benefits, or even how it is assembled, depending on the nature of your merchandise.
  • Customer appreciation. Having quality products and services will definitely attract customers, but customer appreciation will keep them returning. Customers like to know they are valued, and posting videos that personally thank them, will only enhance your company’s profile and popularity.
  • Entertainment. Even if your business has nothing to do with entertainment, having appropriately engaging and fun – or even funny – videos will certainly appeal to the public. While you draw more attention to your website, you are also humanizing your business.

Video Marketing - computer screen with video layout

Video marketing can transform your website from a simple informational tool into a highly interactive, and even fun, experience for your clientele.  However, it’s also crucial that you not forget to utilize many of the other online platforms and well-known social media sites, such as those highlighted in this list:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Pinterest
  • Vdopia
  • Inneractive
  • NativeX

Realizing not only the benefits of video marketing, but the science behind its value, will ensure that you create quality video content to not only promote your product and build clientele, but help you stand out amongst the competition by demonstrating what truly makes your company extraordinary.

Fred Coon, CEO 

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