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Gordon G.– 30 Years In One Company – Faced Tough Market – $185K + 50% Bonus + $3.5K Signing Bonus + 20 minute Drive To Work

Gordon came to SC&C, after having been instrumental in the acquisition of a Fortune 1000 company by a Fortune 50 company. He had been with Fortune 1000 for 30 years.  He was concerned that not having looked for a job in a very long time, combined with his age, could be hindrances in his search. He could have accepted a position with Fortune 10000 if he was willing to move to CA, but he wanted to stay in Chicago. His background is in Finance with some experience in Operations/Supply Chain as well, and he wanted a position that would lead to the VP level in the near future.

Together we worked through articulating his competencies, achievements, and success stories. We also worked on his interview skills, overcoming potential objections that employers could have, and on “closing” the interview. Gordy was always active in talking with recruiters and in interviewing with companies, and even elected not to pursue some opportunities due to the relocation that would be required.

He found himself in late stage interviews with XXXX, while juggling interviews with other companies, so we were in frequent communication about juggling timing, negotiating and decision-making once he had an offer. In early December, he received an offer from XXXX and, after some negotiating and receiving a guaranteed bonus amounting to about another $70K for his first year, he accepted the position, just one day before he had a day of interviews scheduled with another company. Of course, he withdrew from their interview process.

He is thrilled with this position, as it allows him to essentially serve as “CFO” of this company within YYYY, a division of XXXX, while still reporting to the VP of Finance of XXXX in Ohio.  The new position is only 20 minutes from his house!

This quote from an email he sent sums up one of the many benefits of our working together:

Thank you for your counsel and support over the last several months. I appreciate your support and I think it was good for me to talk and check in weekly for your guidance.” 

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