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Frank E. – Cash Increase $36% + $42K Relo + $180K Base

Here is a message from Barbara Limmer to the SC&C team about her latest placement. I wanted to let you all know that Frank has accepted the position of VP of Finance & Accounting for a computer manufacturing company located in TX (about a 4 hour drive from where he currently lives. Frank came to us in August of last year and here is his story.

He came to us after having a “toxic” exit from his last company (his words); they had had a change in leadership, and the company’s strategy subsequently changed dramatically. He said it was “not a friendly” departure. He worked with us on defining his strengths and successes, both for his written materials as well as in interviews. Our interview practice included his Phoenix Experience (now the Master Interview Experience ) last October, and he felt that really opened his eyes and gave him confidence in interviews. He also had not kept up in his networking prior to working with us, so essentially he had to start from the ground up to re-engage his old contacts and build up new contacts.

His packaging did the trick; he was gaining interviews with companies, but in the pandemic he felt his opportunity to truly shine was limited in webcam interviews. Fortunately, this company, XXXX felt it was important for face-to-face interviews, so what started with an HR interview in mid-August, led to a 2 hour phone call with their CEO, then a 3 hour breakfast with a key Board Member, and finally an on-site panel interview with their leadership team.Through it all, he was confident, using his stories to showcase his value.

A few days after his on-site panel, he received an offer, which he then negotiated, ultimately getting even more than he asked for. The Initial offer was $160K with no travel or relo, and a 10% bonus. The next day he had a 3-way call w/CEO, the Board member and himself, and they said to send in via email what he wants. He asked for $175K and $35K travel/interim relo, but they came back w/180K and 42K travel/relo… even more than what he had asked for! (This was a 36% increase in cash for 1st year, and it’s the highest base salary he’s ever had; also, by their own equity estimates, the amount he will be vested by end of 2nd year is mid 6-figures.) If successful after 1st year, he will formally get the CFO title and responsibility level.

This all shows that they truly appreciate the value they are getting in him. He is very happy with this, and said that not only was he able to use everything he learned, but also that he never would have gotten this job if it wasn’t for SCC. He has built up his confidence for both the selection process and in starting this new job tomorrow. Frank is a very happy client, and is thankful for the support he received throughout our process!

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