High-energy, ROI-focused technology leader who approaches IT from a business mindset to drive critical initiatives aligned with business objectives.
Motivational leader able to create true team culture and lead by example to achieve remarkable results.

Generate positive performance improvements and drive ROI results through a concentration on:

Defining Opportunities for Change

Working closing with functional heads to determine and address operational weaknesses that corrected can lead to significant improvements through leveraging technology.

Developing the Business Case

Collaborating with other business leaders, analyzing the needs, identifying the available resources, negotiating priorities, and gaining buy-in for the desired corporate objectives.

Deploying People / Resources

Competing and collaborating with other stakeholders for limited resources (human, capital, technology) and positioning resources to achieve maximum value at minimum cost.

Reviewing Processes Over Time

Constantly reflecting on the details of the business operation to determine additional areas of improvement, and consistently maximize the profitability of the operation.

Key traits that assure success have included:

  • High energy / results-oriented
  • Analytical, quality-conscious
  • People-centric
  • High ethics
  • Positive thinker / influencer
  • Proactive leader