Dynamic senior executive who is highly effective at developing and leading high-performance teams in rolling out innovative products, competitively positioning firms for market dominance.
Excel at leveraging strategic relationships, sales/business strategies, and negotiation skills to aggressively penetrate and expand in key markets.

Collaborative Leadership Strategies

Highly dedicated professional possessing core leadership competencies in interpersonal communication, negotiation, and collaboration. Exercise sound judgment and reasoning, problem solving, intuitive deduction, and conflict management while possessing genuine desire to build and maintain positive business relationships.

Sales Account Development & Sales Force Management

Results-oriented professional with several decades in progressive sales and marketing. Secured major corporate accounts through perseverance and effective sales presentation skills.

Market & Account Identification/Development & Competitive Pricing Expertise

Seasoned sales executive willing to explore new marketing opportunities to achieve exponential growth in sales revenue and profits. Drove 30% net profit after identifying less expensive chemical supplier.

Product Development & Innovation

Multifaceted leader responsible for origination and implementation of new products and quality enhancements attractive to customers. Developed aggregate product to customer specifications, leading to exponential sales potential.

Teambuilding Expertise & Sales Staff Development

Team leader cognizant of fact that people are source of vitality and success within workplace. Possess innate ability to recruit and develop top-notch associates who then exhibit double-digit sales increases.

Customer Service Acumen

Continually assess corporate strengths and innovate creative solutions that strengthen customer rapport. Provide excellent customer service that expands corporate reputation and ensures repeat business.

Inventory Control & Market Expertise

Operations executive constantly monitoring corporate efficiencies and redundancies. Identified and sold unusable and excess inventory adding to corporate bottom line.