HR Business Partner / Leading Global Teams / Delivering Results

Human Resources Executive and effective business partner with successful history of building top-performing, human resources organizations that deliver productivity and profitability.
Effective at providing vision through change, leading reorganization efforts without compromising productivity. Hands-on global organizational design and cultural collaboration experience.

Build organizations through "transparent" recognition and application of specific values:

Value of Person

Recognize inherent value of each person then maximize individual building blocks of self-confidence, personal goals, character, skills, and interpersonal communications.

Value of Position

Properly define needs of organization and translate them into position requirements that truly reflect competencies necessary to succeed.

Value of Process

Understand desired results then effectively and efficiently manage situation, tasks, and actions necessary to achieve them.

In order to achieve results above, consistently apply the following traits:

  • Passion for human capital
  • Understanding of cultures and impact on businesses
  • Value for others when achieving objectives
  • Analysis of situations
  • Ability to move from strategic to tactical
  • Quality in all efforts
  • Ability to influence others
  • Quest for stability in environment