Senior Technology Professional

Systems & Project Management / Technology Deployment

Technical management professional with 20 years' experience leading and supporting engineering operations as part of deploying, testing, integrating, upgrading, and troubleshooting complex network systems for large, global technology companies.

Excellent Team Leader

adept at developing quality, high performance, functional engineering teams through recognition and cultivation of internal and external talent, development of high-quality working relationships, promoting optimistic attitudes, thriving in human diversity, and educating and mentoring junior personnel.

Technical Problem Solver and Solution Innovator

with demonstrated record of success achieving results that positively affect the bottom line through lateral thinking, in-depth engineering knowledge, project conceptualization, critical data review, and facilitating creative talents of the team.

Highly Effective Communicator

excellent in customer-facing roles. Completed projects in more than 20 countries for customers with varying diverse cultures and backgrounds; successfully cultivated customer relationships using a basis of trust, integrity, and technical credibility.

Effective Project and Engineering Manager

with a strong track record of building and facilitating high-performance, cross-functional teams that collaborate as focused units while achieving aggressive business goals. Work closely with the customer to determine mutually agreeable goals that facilitate win-win solutions and delivering on priorities.


to quality and process improvements through continual learning and understanding the impact of new and emerging technologies.