Dynamic management professional with extensive experience managing research and product development, key projects, and competitive intelligence assessments for the biomedical research industry.

Proven ability in managing all aspects of new product development from prototypes and clinical trials to commercialization. Strong track record facilitating corporate start-ups / acquisitions and complex projects.

Project Management

Driving commitment to manage first-rate design, test, and implementation of healthcare products, surgical devices, and medical therapies. Secured multimillion-dollar funding for government project to treat critically burned patients.

Strategic Marketing Research & Database Management

Documented success conducting market research that enabled organizations to identify and optimize corporate opportunities. Spearheaded a 20% sales increase in a 15-month period, a result of conducting comprehensive market research.

Business Development

High-energy business strategist driving the groundbreaking development of medical devices, wound care products, nanotechnology, and biologic products. Targeted 50+ out-licensing possibilities to drive corporate revenue and business expansion.

R&D Team Management

Innovative catalyst of change positively influencing R&D teams to achieve by communicating goals and providing necessary mentoring, resources, and recognition. Managed teams that made significant contributions in reproductive and regenerative medicine.

Intellectual Property Development/Entrepreneurial Vision

Multifaceted professional with an entrepreneurial vision that has generated four global patents. Led corporate startup and secured government financing to further patent research.

Intelligence Management

Senior-level executive proficient in managing and administering information technology to maintain competitive edge. Designed and implemented a competitive intelligence portal system that furthered corporate planning initiatives.

Product Development

Responsible for the origination and implementation of new products and quality enhancements. Initiated FDA clinical trials to further advances in orthopedic medicine.
  • Collaborative, Change-Oriented Leadership
  • Quality-Conscious, Detail-Oriented
  • Innovative, Out-of-the-Box Thinker
  • Systematic and Organized
  • Continuous and Agile Learner
  • Intuitive and Influential Motivator