Private Investments, Hedge Funds, Asset Management Real Estate / Manufacturing / Distribution

Expert at providing alternative strategic methodologies that bring about profitable results, while ensuring high-retention success and service as interface within business/investment environment. Confident negotiator adept at contractual agreements, process streamlining, analytical problem solving, and decision making dexterity to effectively leverage and uncover complex improvement opportunities.

Applying proactive leadership; strategic management of processes, operations, finance, and people; and "get it done profitably" mindset, generate significant value from corporate resources/investments through the following actions:

Rapid identification of alternative strategies

Move beyond obvious to seek innovative approaches that will drive performance in any economic environment.

Management of people and processes

Work with and through competencies of others and implement processes that improve their performance outcomes at lowest marginal cost.

Ability to negotiate and execute

Generate solutions through thoughtful assessment of opportunities, negotiating best use of resources and executing on plan.

Articulation of complex ideas

Break down complex ideas into communicable initiatives that achieve better understanding, greater buy-in, and will ultimately accelerate processes.

Language proficiencies in Armenian and Spanish as well as solid understanding of Russian.