Work History

Retail Dept
1980 -Present
One of the nation's premier retailers with more than 840 department stores in 45 states with approximately 167,000 employees. Fiscal sales in 2008 represented $24.9 billion.
Director, Internet Customer Service (2005 - present)
Managed customer contacts through various channels including telephone, mail, email, and live-text chat. Charged with startup of outsourcing initiative and managing relationships with outsourced call centers in India and the United States. Budgeted, forecasted call volumes, and improved customer experiences. Trained and mentored between 5 and 7 direct reports and a staff of 25 to 175.
Selected Achievements
  • $10 million in sales generated during a five-month period after supporting store associate Q&A and post-sales customer service training sessions for a new multi-channel selling initiative.
  • Conducted weekly coaching sessions with managers to review progress, establish new goals, focus on successes, and identify opportunities for associates. Three managers promoted to director-level positions.
  • 7% boost to customer satisfaction achieved as a result of improving multichannel communications support including telephone, mail, email, VOIP, and live-text chat.
  • Carried the highest rating for both internal and external customer service; recognized for customer service excellence at every position with the company.
  • 12% increase in average sales numbers seen after taking responsibility to support sales orders and changing associate roles from a customer service representative to a more sales-oriented position.
  • Exceeded all business objectives and expectations while growing a support center from 1 manager and 25 associates to 7 managers and 175 associates.
  • $1.3 million first-year cost savings delivered by transitioning By-Mail customer support to two call center facilities.
  • Supported YOY sales growth of 30% to 70% for online business while simultaneously reducing yearly inquiry rates by driving change in marketing, customer service, and website development support.
  • Improved productivity results 10% to 15% by establishing company's new Internet customer service department through thoughtful selection and ongoing coaching of team members.
  • Provided a 27% cost savings by succeeding as project leader for an outsourcing initiative that established 75 offshore positions within an extremely tight time frame.
  • $3.75 million in annual savings generated by completing a major business consolidation within a tight 60-day timeframe impacting 550 associates.
  • Effectively managed a $3.5 million website enhancement design project by creating all workflow descriptions and flowcharts, as well as acting on an influential customer service subcommittee to create website specifications and requirements.

Director, Customer Service (2000 - 2005)
Champion for customer service leading a team of 5 managers and 125 associates supporting credit and private label card services.
Selected Achievements
  • Averted $15 million in unnecessary costs by eliminating system redundancies in the migration of credit accounts.
  • Selected to support the rollout of private label card program after showing success in the development and testing of credit extension algorithms, system design, and maintenance.
  • 12% budget improvement over the previous year's variance achieved by using regression analysis to create a budget during the company's high-growth period.
  • Provided flexibility in marketing and services as Co-Director of a credit transition that supported a two-fold growth in card membership within its first two years.
  • 48% reduction to turnaround time achieved by serving as the Project Director for a system design and testing project designed to improve company workflow systems.
  • Increased card purchases 6% after implementing a customer service initiative to promote cardholder benefits and upcoming store sales events for targeted call-types.
  • 325,000 accounts successfully converted within project timeline through leading a highly diverse 12-member, cross-functional team during a credit portfolio conversion.
Product Manager (1995 - 2000)
Effectively oversaw new acquisition, activation, and retention programs, mailing list selection, and direct mail production. Coordinated systems development, analyzed performance metrics, and defined user requirements
Selected Achievements
  • Generated 1.3 million members within 18 months by coordinating systems development, analyzing performance metrics, defining user requirements, and overseeing operations testing.
  • 10% increase in credit applications achieved by leading training initiatives to drive in-store credit marketing programs and increased participation rates.