Highly successful executive with proven experience in every facet of retail, including sales, marketing, credit, operations, and customer service.
Demonstrated results have been seen by increasing revenues, improving communications to customers, managing and directing large work groups, and quickly adapting to change in order to achieve outstanding results.

Call Center Operations

Manage call centers with participatory style and customer-centered management philosophy continually assessing strengths and innovating creative solutions for improved performance. Led seven-fold growth of call center supporting the e-commerce customer service department of national premier retailer.

Credit Management

Articulate professional dealing effectively with credit management, bank card systems, and customer loyalty programs. Supported rollout of retailer's private label VISA card and smoothly transitioned accounts to proprietary credit system.

Customer Service Expertise

Customer service executive forging solid relationships through dedicated service. Exceed customer expectations in service delivery and quality through attention to detail and prompt thorough handling of concerns, fostering a reputation for honesty and integrity.

Executive Leadership & Management

Proven leader, tasked with identifying concerns and delivering solutions that add to corporate bottom line and adhere to corporate vision. Spearheaded pilot program generating $10 million sales during a five-month, 65-store test to offer more diverse selection of merchandise to shoppers.

Budgeting & Manpower Planning

Visionary professional who thinks "outside the box," exercising sound judgment and reasoning to meet budget and manpower targets. Improved budget compliance 12% utilizing complex multi-variant regression analysis to forecast future performance.

Outsourcing Acumen

Seasoned negotiator securing favorable pricing on outsourced manpower. Secured 27% first-year savings by outsourcing 75 customer service positions during peak retail season.

Team Building & Performance Measurement

Approachable mentor with innate ability to develop and retain key personnel, aligning employees with most suitable roles and providing advancement opportunities. Supervised teams consistently performing at levels 15% above teams of other managers.