Telecom / Pharmaceutical / Healthcare / Technology / Marketing

Strategic-planning and operations executive who builds efficient, profitable, customer-focused organizations through vigorous leadership of projects and initiatives that deliver bottom-line results. Successful track record in leading change initiatives by utilizing cross-functional teams that build long-lasting growth infrastructures.


Build and manage cross-functional, international teams that collaborate to find and implement creative solutions to complex business issues. Gain support and consensus for initiatives created by these teams, which are critical to sustaining profitability.

Business Growth

Find opportunities to build new products and accompanying features to enhance revenue. Plan and implement operational processes and technical infrastructures to provide long-term growth for new and existing products.


Reengineer operational processes and organizational structures that lower fixed and variable costs in order to increase profitability and show exceptional ROI.

Customer Relationships

Build positive relationships of trust and integrity with clients by understanding their needs and those of the marketplace, then translating those needs into timely and actionable deliverables.