Work History

2008 -Present
Management consulting firm providing advisory services in strategy and operations for firms in the technology, manufacturing, financial service, and consumer product industries.
Director of Strategy & Operations
Selected to lead teams supporting client engagements valued between $300,000 to more than $1 million for firms ranging from small, growth-oriented companies to Fortune 50 clients. Build and manage organizations and processes to restructure operations key to turning around and positioning companies for growth. Directly oversee up to 20 client and consultant support staff driving change across global organizations.
Selected Achievements
  • 28% cost savings generated by leading cross-functional teams to realign and streamline IT functions and processes critical to accommodating future growth in preparation of an initial public offering.
  • Cut costs 19% by designing and implementing high-performance shared service centers and centralize order and payment processes for a leading medical products distributor.
  • Turned around sales from 13% decline to 8% growth versus prior year by executing a structured account management framework and business development process to deliver partnership growth for a $200 million business division of a global entertainment company.
  • Achieved 35% decrease in data maintenance and reporting requirements by planning and managing program to implement a single global knowledge infrastructure for $3 billion technology firm.
  • Reduced costs 41% and total spend commitments 35% by investigating telecom spend, existing supply base, and agreements to consolidate telecom services agreements for a leading call center outsourcing firm.
  • 81% increase in global network capacity achieved by driving the creation of a telecom technology roadmap and the migration of services to maximize flexibility and performance over a client voice and data network.
  • 47% increase in application rates with 27% increase in acceptance rates generated by establishing company-wide standard protocols and practices to identify, recruit, and secure top talent.

1997 - 2008
Leading distributor of fasteners for the industrial and commercial markets.
Director of Operations (2001 - 2008)
  • World leader in design and production of communication satellites, sensors, and instruments for commercial and government customers.
  • Chosen to lead operations with a team of 53 employees to support the development and production of satellite subsystems. Oversaw technology and proposal development as well as program management across entire product lifecycle. Reduced overtime labor more than 48% while ensuring project timelines and deliverables were met. Awarded Lean Excellence Award. Applied Theory of Constraints and initiated Lean Process Improvement methodologies across cross-functional teams to maximize design and build productivity.

Selected Achievements
  • $24 million cost savings generated by introducing, negotiating, and transitioning the use of cost-effective standardized components within design and production processes critical to delivering high-quality satellite products to market.
  • Decreased manufacturing errors 32%, production time 27%, and costs 29% by prioritizing and aligning team/quality goals to turn around an underperforming organization into a high-performing, integrated product team.
  • 93% boost in productivity with 27% reduction in operational costs achieved by standardizing and incorporating products as part of future designs while ensuring production and customer requirements were fully met.
  • $640,000 saved in scheduling and production costs per satellite by restructuring product development processes to maximize delivery performance, key to remaining competitive within the marketplace.
Operations Manager (1997 - 2001)
Selected from outside the industry to turn around and manage operations supporting a $1+ million domestic and international manufacturer and distributor of industrial minerals, abrasives, and blasting equipment products. Oversaw eight direct/indirect reports supporting process improvements, procurement/order management, inventory control, and plant operations. Reorganized CRM database for better customer follow-up.
Selected Achievements
  • Generated $100,000 in annual sales growth by aggressively identifying and securing a key customer account in the dental supply industry to package and supply pumice products.
  • Attained a 50% reduction in error rates by restructuring purchasing and order entry/picking ticket processes to provide better tracking and management of procurement/order management functions.
  • Maximized profitability by 20% within one year by upgrading and revamping manufacturing programs and technologies to deliver plant costs savings while avoiding price increases.
  • Improved production throughput and cycle times by leading a project to successfully reorganize factory processes to maximize performance, quality, and profitability across operations.
  • Successfully cut 15% in operating expenses garnered within eight months by streamlining and enhancing processes across production to cost-effectively deliver products to market.
  • Produced a 75% increase in plant safety by redesigning processes and implementing OSHA safety and training programs that improved working conditions across plant operations.
1994 - 1997

Industry-leading provider of optical sensing equipment for weather and tracking satellites, missile, and computer vision systems for government customers.

Lead Engineer
Promoted to head instrument and engineering testing for a NASA Earth Observing Station. Engineered, designed, and tested satellite products and solutions per customer requirements. Captured $50,000 early delivery award as the youngest engineering lead for a NASA project.