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Software, Technology, and Telecommunications Practice Group

SC&C executive technology job search strategies, executive IT job searchChanges within the technology industry have never been more rapid, complex, or intertwined than they are today. Opportunities and challenges facing every entity from major multi-national corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups are shaped by converging technologies. Today’s successful Technology executive understands how each industry is transforming, expanding, and ultimately, converging. Today’s businesses are all dependent on emerging technologies to some extent. Mobile technology, social media trends, e-commerce, big data and cloud computing impact each one of us on a daily basis.

Recruiting Technology Leaders

Growth and innovation are the hallmarks of all technology industries. Recruiting Technology top talent also requires an innovative approach. SC&C excels in finding and recruiting some of the best executives in both Technology and Telecommunications.

The pressures of intense global competition and cost management place additional demands on leaders within these industries. Technology and Telecommunications aptitude has become a leadership requisite for companies across each industry. Successful technology companies must establish themselves as the leading providers of critical products, services and solutions.

Companies need leaders and top talent with the proper mix of experience, skills, and qualities to succeed. Organizations must pursue talented executives who can adapt to these changes while ensuring the right fit with both the company culture and strategies.

We serve the following sectors:

  • CTO/CIO Roles for any industry
  • IT Professional Services
  • Software/SaaS
  • Cloud Computing, Infrastructure and Applications
  • Mobile Devices, Services, and Applications
  • Digital Media
  • Gaming
  • Hardware
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecomm

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