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Consumer Products and Durable Goods

SC&C executive production job search strategiesCandidate sourcing and staffing within the Consumer Products and Durable Goods industries is extremely competitive. Due to the global shift in consumer spending patterns, senior management is constantly rewriting business and marketing strategies. Growth is fueled by innovation. Expectations based on purchasing/delivery models and overall customer experience are constantly evolving, forcing Consumer Products companies to be perpetually innovative in order to survive and grow.

Recruiting Top Talent

The dominate players in this market are run by astute, strategic-thinking business leaders who know what consumers want, excel at differentiating their products and services, and are fanatical about lowering costs through increased efficiencies. The quest for branded products and services requires top talent capable of driving continuous innovation. Staffing senior management is always a priority within the Consumer Products industry and often, top talent is the difference between the life and death of a company in this fast paced world.

Stewart, Cooper & Coon has a 20-year track record of successfully recruiting and staffing within the Consumer Products and Durable Goods industries. Our success is attributed to an understanding of the industry, knowledge of the marketplace, the top executives that penetrate it, and an unyielding desire to satisfy our clients.

We serve the following sectors:

  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Consumer Products
  • Consumer Durable Goods
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Beauty
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Retail

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