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Dennis V. – Mid-Sixties – Too Old? Absolutely Not! – VP Sales and Marketing

Here is a note from Bill Temple about Dennis.  He became a client because the business that he had established had to close down due to the constriction of the economy. He wanted to explore where he might go both inside and outside his industry segment (furniture manufacturing) and did not really know where to start.

Working with his coach, Dennis built a very compelling personal story, summarized in, and communicated through, his SC&C WebFolio. His focus was about building successful business operations, irrespective of the industry segment, but the reality of the world is that companies look first at those with direct experience, no matter how transferable the abilities of an individual might be.

Being a realist, Dennis looked at peripheral industries to pure manufacturing, especially the distribution segment of the market. With his knowledge of supply demands and inventory controls, it was a logical direction to take, and resulted in a number of excellent interviews and even two offers.

After reviewing his multiple offers and with the coaching he received from his SC&C Campaign Director, Dennis accepted an offer as VP of Sales and Marketing for XXXX, an office environments business.  Dennis achieved several goals by accepting this offer.  He beat the age barrier, negotiated a decent income, and can now work productively until he is ready to fully retire. His salary and benefits package is above average for the industry and no relocation was required.

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