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Dan A – $80,000 – 5 Wk Vacation –200% Less Commute Time – 90 day Promotion Review

Dan has accepted a role as Materials Manager with XXXX.  This company was recently purchased by much larger company. His new position is in his home town. His beginning annual salary is $80,000.  He is still deciding on whether to take the company’s insurance plan or stay on his wife’s plan. We helped him negotiate to put in a caveat that the company would raise his salary the appropriate amount that the insurance would have cost the company had he accepted it.  He also negotiated 5 weeks of annual vacation.
The salary was a bit lower than we hoped but we encouraged him to negotiate a 90-day review at which time a raise is possible as is a change to the title of Director of Supply Chain.

The one VERY critical factor in Dan taking any role was that he is a father of younger children and did not want a long commute that would prevent him from participating in his kid’s activities.  The location of this job is perfect and that was a huge deciding factor for him and his wife.  He had been interviewing for another role but the commute would have been hours each day getting across town.

Thanks, everyone, for your help!  Jo Ann Moser – VP & Senior Client Advisor
A Note From Fred Coon, CEO:  It is important to remember that it’s not always all about the money when we help a client achieve their career goals. In my experience, over many years in the human capital management field, each executive makes choices as to what their important “drivers” are. Each client has different pressures and priorities and the decisions they make must work for both them and their families. I have observed that the universal drivers are: challenge, fit, happy factor, geography, money, and family needs. Money was not the driver here. His driver was more time with his family and a better life experience.

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