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Cynthia C. – Guaranteed Bonus $30K Potential Bonus of $70K

Jan Ann Moser’s client, Cynthia, has been placed and will be starting with the XXXX Company in a western state next Monday, as their VP for their Western Region. She was able to negotiate a guaranteed bonus of $30K and, her overall potential bonus was $70K more than with her previous company.

The main story point behind this placement is that Cynthia has been rather pigeon-holed in the lower end retail market for years, having worked her way up at several Big Box retailers. She wanted desperately to make a move away from low-end retail… and actually out of retail altogether if possible.

She has been able to accomplish this and without having to relocate. This position will also allow her to spend more time wither her family. In her new position she will spearhead efforts in negotiation, proposal writing, and B2B marketing.

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