Programs Offered

We offer a variety of outplacement programs to meet your needs as a company. Regardless of your program choice, any employee engaged with Stewart, Cooper & Coon is provided with the most comprehensive career transition tools available in the market today.

Our delivery model is largely virtual in nature; however, we also provide on-site services. Employees work directly with their SC&C Campaign Director and a personal team of career coaches.

Technology today allows for personal, direct communication. It is convenient and very cost effective. It allows us to set competitive price points and still deliver the best outplacement programs and services in the country. Stewart, Cooper & Coon programs are also easy to use. We help employees select the right tools for their job search and we coach them on how to get the most out of every hour of career transition preparation. Our team of professionals guides them every step of the way to ensure rapid success and great compensation packages.

When outplacement programs work well, they actually create long-term clout and value for the parent company. Employees who transition into new positions smoothly and successfully often stay grateful and loyal to the parent company for years after outplacement. The value of this is incalculable. Furthermore, the alternative, a poorly orchestrated outplacement program, is not a pretty picture. Outplacement programs that fail to deliver excellent results can create long-term hostility and low morale among both former, current and new employees for years. The results can damage the parent company in ways that are both seen and unseen making this something to avoid at all costs.

Stewart, Cooper & Coon understands both the needs of the company and the needs of their employees very well. For more than twenty years, we have helped companies and employees with career transitions. We combine this experience with the most effective innovative employment tools in the industry to create programs that generate rapid and excellent results. We understand how important this is to everyone involved and we see to it that employees find excellent job placements and outstanding careers.