Decision Criteria

Choosing an outplacement agency is sometimes difficult because of historical inertia. Using your current vendor is safe and it minimizes risk. However, staying with the same outplacement agency is also a choice and the vendor that was once perfect for your company may no longer meet the current needs of either your company or your employees. This is why it is important to  reevaluate your decision criteria for choosing an outplacement service. All outplacement agencies are not created equally and some of them have not evolved over the last ten years to include new essential career transition technologies.

Every company using outplacement services desires a smooth transition in order to continue its journey and accomplish its corporate objectives. Similarly, employees want a smooth transition to a new career that will help them achieve their long-term career objectives. Stewart, Cooper & Coon works for your company and

Why Choose SC&C

Here are a few reasons to consider Stewart, Cooper & Coon as your outplacement service:

  • Sensitive to your corporate culture
  • Comprehensive outplacement program offerings
  • Career transition planning and execution experience
  • Customized transition solutions
  • Best practices in the career field
  • 21st Century deliverables
  • Deep knowledge of executives’ transition requirements
  • Relationships with Fortune 1000 companies
  • Working relationships with executive recruiters nationwide
  • Preferred memberships in national recruiter consortiums
  • Two decades of contacts with companies and hiring authorities
  • History of securing larger financial packages for clients
  • A 20-year track record of successfully placing clients

Stewart, Cooper & Coon is unique among outplacement companies in that we have both experience in the industry and a thorough knowledge of many of the new tools that have transformed the career transition industry. We understand both the traditional HR department and their needs and the newest technology used in change management. This translates into a flexible outplacement vendor that is able to give both the company and their employees the best services to meet all their unique needs. It is Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s commitment to outstanding service that sets us apart. We make your criteria ours.

We are available at your convenience to present credentials and discuss the merits of considering our outplacement services.