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Tools for Outplacement Transition Services 

Having access 24-7 to comprehensive resources best describes the technology we make available to your employees in their job search. Access to well-designed career transition resources will increase a candidate’s chances for a smooth transition to another position. We provide each employee access to a variety of comprehensive databases.

For nearly two decades, we have pioneered the virtual delivery of client services. Throughout this time, we have stayed on the cutting edge of technology and supported our clients in their search efforts. We make available to our clients the latest and most useful career resources. Your employees will have access to these technologies from the moment we start working for your company.

Your employees can access millions of current job listings, advertised and unadvertised, explore millions of companies and their contact information; receive social networking training, and much more. We provide your employees access to in-depth knowledge and databases that they would not have access to on their own and we will train them how to use it. Technology, when used properly, is a very empowering tool for employees. It allows them to become an integral, unique part of a team of people that is focused on finding them the right new job.

We integrate modern databases, search tactics and cost-effective online technologies to provide each candidate with tools to speed up their career transition process. We make sure they have every option available to them to prevent them accepting a job simply because they are unemployed.

What makes Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s application of technology unique is that we use it to save both the company and the employees time and money. Unlike some of the newer outplacement companies that rely heavily on technology, Stewart Cooper & Coon’s outplacement transition services are not impersonal or automated. Your employees won’t be abandoned in front of a bank of computers. Instead, we use the time saved by technology to individualize the transitional services for each of your employees making their job search more successful. Many things such as leadership development and networking can then be addressed on a personal level for each of your employees. Technology is a tool we use to save time and money so that we can concentrate on getting the best job placements for your employees as quickly as possible.

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