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Team Approach

SC&C team approach, SC&C work ethic

Career coaching services are a team effort at SC&C. We assign a team of up to seven professionals to work on each candidate’s job search. We have a team of experts navigating every aspect of each employee’s successful job search. Our team of experts have worked with thousands of clients from all industries, job functions, salary levels, and geographies. They work with each of your employees to design their search and to make sure they are making the right moves. Meet the team members assigned to each of your employees.

Campaign Director

The Campaign Director is the team leader. They are responsible for the overall campaign. Each SC&C Campaign Director has successfully guided hundreds of employees through this process. A few of their recent successes may be viewed on the SC&C main web site under the heading “Latest Placements.”

Target Company Research      

Target companies and the contact information is very important. The ability to research these potential companies is vital. Your employees can have access to our databases and their personal SC&C Campaign Director will provide target companies for them and will instruct the candidate on how to use our databases to their personal advantage to find companies on their own.

Résumé Writer

The résumé is often the first impression a company has of a candidate. Within 10-15 seconds, the reader must understand the candidate’s value proposition and feel compelled to call them. Your employees will be assigned a Nationally Certified Résumé Writer who has been credentialed and certified by their peers and follows our methods for creating the image that your employee provides value added benefit to their company. Proper branding and better positioning increases multiple interview possibilities and secures great interviews.

Proofing Specialist

The proofing specialist makes sure all copy is error-free and will present the candidate in the best possible light. Candidate documents will be free of spelling and grammatical errors as well as typos and formatting issues.

WebFolio© Designer

The SC&C WebFolio©, a proprietary Stewart, Cooper & Coon invention, is the most powerful, innovative, and effective 21st Century packaging and marketing tool available for the modern job search. This tool presents all the distinguishing features of a candidate’s career, online and in a state-of-the-art and compelling fashion. The “added value” that prospective employers perceive from this presentation not only drives their desire to interview candidates, but those interviews will begin at a much higher level of acceptance and understanding. This translates into meaningful and significant offers. See the SC&C WebFolio©.

Posting Specialist

– We share each employee’s credentials with over 1,500 recruiters who are part of our national recruiter consortium. This gives your employees excellent exposure during their job search.

Social Media Specialist

This is one of the most significant factors in a successful job search and it must be managed effectively. More than 80% of all companies use various social media sites, as do 90%+ of recruiters, to find and screen candidates. Each employee is assigned a Social Media specialist who works with them to make sure that their LinkedIn and other web profiles can be easily found by recruiters and companies.

Marketing Specialist

Getting past the gatekeepers and getting in front of the hiring authority is one of the most difficult parts of a job search. Part of the SC&C solution is the use of Marketing specialists. These team members introduce a candidate to selected decision makers in specific targeted companies. More than 80% of all jobs are acquired through third-party introductions. We know how to professionally present your employees to companies.

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