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21st Century Tools

Outplacement Solutions

Today there are plenty of new employment tools and options on the Internet that can be used to facilitate outplacement solutions. The problem isn’t a lack of resources; it is knowing which resources to use. Many job seekers find an Internet job search to be a confounding experience. Tools are only valuable when one has the skill to use them effectively. Can the Internet be used to help you secure interviews and to enhance your value-add proposition? Absolutely. However, without employing the right tactics in executing an effective job search, the employment tools can take over the entire process and create confusion before there is even the beginning of progress. This is not the time to feel confused or to feel overwhelmed. Yet many employees feel both of these things when faced with 21st century tools designed to make the process easier.

The experts at Stewart, Cooper & Coon are invaluable at selecting and employing the right employment tools for each individual. Moreover, our experts have dealt with thousands of the brightest minds in business and we can assure our clients that many of the top corporations are filled with executives who lack the inclination, time or desire to become a computer geek or a social media sophisticate. We teach our clients how to use the Internet rather than letting it use and confuse them. Our process is empowering and often life changing.

The bottom line is that having the Stewart, Cooper & Coon team of experts guiding the job search process saves everyone time, energy and money. Most importantly, employees find new positions much faster and they end up with better packages using our outplacement solutions. Compounding these results translates into serious long-term value for both companies and employees.

Take a chance to review some of the testimonials here on our web site by previous Stewart, Cooper & Coon clients. There are many outplacement agencies out there today but very few have testimonials and twenty years of experience in the career transition industry that we do. We are proud of our results and we post our placement statistics for anyone to see. This is rare, so rare in fact, we encourage you to try to find another company that is as forthright and upfront with you about their results… and outplacement is all about results.

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