The SC&C Difference

Stewart, Cooper & Coon outplacement programs are successful because we provide each employee served with a multimember team approach. A team of experts is assigned to each employee.

Each employee is different and his or her needs are unique. Recognizing this, we focus on branding, career positioning and marketing each individual during outplacement. We then develop an individualized plan for each employee according to his or her specific job search strategy. This approach ensures that we get employees placed more quickly and into better positions.

Any company paying for outplacement services should expect that their employees will be well-served. Moreover, the program they purchase for them should be efficient and cost-effective. The company and the employee expect results and SC&C delivers them. Seasoned team members, experienced in managing successful searches, combined with state-of-the-art technology platforms, make any job search easier and faster.

Outplacement has been around for years. Many outplacement companies in business today are still delivering services that were outdated over twenty years ago. A one-size-fits-all program no longer works in today’s marketplace. Employees would like to be treated with the respect they have given your company while employed there and they are expecting real help and excellent results from your outplacement vendor.

SC&C represents a 21st century approach to job search and outplacement programs. Today companies and employees expect a service model that is culture sensitive, well-managed, convenient and cost-effective. Meeting all of these demands requires an outplacement program that utilizes all of the innovative tools and resources available today. SC&C prides itself in having both the experience to be comfortable with traditional corporate cultures and the innovative talent to embrace and use the best new technology to meet our client’s outplacement needs. This is a rare combination of talent in the career transition industry and most importantly it yields results.