Outplacement Services

Over 97% of our clients during the past ten years have been successfully placed.  Each is assigned a personal coach and a team of experts; each candidate receives personalized attention from a dedicated team focused only on helping them become successful.

- Expert Team

- Extensive Search Management Tools

- State-Of-The-Art Online Technology

- Vast Network of Resources

- A 24/7 Attitude

21st Century Process

Outplacement across America is now a $3+Billion dollar industry; the same old companies continue to deliver a 40-year old model. Old outplacement methods don't work any more.

- The New Marketplace

- What Candidates Want

- What Candidates Don’t Want

- What Works

Getting Started

The sign-up process should be uncomplicated and simple. It should ensure that each new candidate feels "on board" as soon as possible. It should also scream value. Their impression of you as a company is a function of the following:

- Quick Service Enrollment

- Real Value

- Job Search Success