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The following are client comments. These are taken from emails, letters, LinkedIn, and BBB postings.  Their message is clear. All clients who are successful work hard, put in long hours, manage their anxiety well, are dedicated to their own success, and they persevere.  Their  heartfelt testimonials state this over and over again. They also tell us they feel well-supported throughout their SC&C experience both by their coach and by their entire team. Enjoy the reading!





This is extracted from an email from Eric to his Campaign Director, Barbra Limmer.

“…today I start a new journey. Not only in a new industry but also as only the 2nd Brand in my professional career after college, some almost 22 years ago!


THANK YOU, to all of you, family & friends, who gave me support, advice, perspectives, leads, feedback, practiced interviewing and unconditional love. During a worldwide pandemic (and getting COVID!)….Sometimes it does take a village to get through some stormy times! I could not have done it without all of you. I thank my career coach, Barbara Limmer, from Stewart, Cooper & Coon for the professional rebranding and continual confidence building, AND most of all, a special thank you to my wonderful wife who is my number #1 supporter and kept our balance with our Faith 🙂


The path was not exactly easy…and 446 days since my last day at XXXX is a bit more than we anticipated…


Out of the 76 applications, dozens with no response, dozens of callous template rejections, 10 or so HR screenings, only 5 hiring manager interviews, hundreds of emails/texts/networking, and every minute tirelessly scouring through Linked In/Glassdoor/Indeed/Company Career Pages….and this is what I learned it really takes to land a leadership role as an external candidate:


the right role

at the right company

through the right connection

to the right hiring manager

who really wants you

at the right time

when you have all your stuff in order

and you beat out all the competition


“Luck is really when opportunity meets being prepared.”


We imagined God’s comforting voice saying…”relax, it will happen.” What we saw as set-backs and change were really the only path we are supposed to take. Our unwavering faith reminded us to focus on HOPE. We prayed for something I am geeked up about (home automation!) We prayed for future stability/growth (amazing company with so many opportunities). We prayed for financial comfort ($ similar to old job)


Many tears were shed, through the struggles, frustrations, disappointments, uncertainties and creep of a potential defeat…which will NOT EVER happen as long as you have hope and NEVER give up! One often doesn’t see the entire iceberg, but mostly just a portion of the iceberg what is visible above water…


If that isn’t divine intervention, I don’t know what is! Things don’t just happen. God makes it all possible.


76 points of interest over 49 companies

9 general resume submittles

67 specific job applications

32 rejections

41 no response

10 HR screenings

5 full interview processes varying from 1 week to 6 weeks each

2 consulting opportunities since April

1 final permanent role




Thank you again, I could not have done it without all of you. Let’s do our best to continue to make this world a better place.




– – – – – – – – –

Teresa L. – About her SC&C Master Interview Experience

My thanks to you and the team for arranging all of the details for the Master Interview and for providing the link to the recordings.  Yesterday was certainly a valuable opportunity and I appreciate the time the SCC team spent with me.

It’s been a pleasure working with the team and I’m grateful for the rigor of the process in putting all of the branding and SHARE stories together – hard but important work.  Thanks to the team for allowing me the opportunity to practice the interview techniques and for the candid coaching and feedback.



– – – – – – – – – – –

StephanieR – Choices & $73,000 Better Offer and 20% More Bonus ++

Stephanie R. – I have very successfully placed. Two weeks ago I started an interview process with XXXX for Sr. Manger, Insurance authorizations. The company made me an offer of $115,000 base salary and 10% bonus.

While considering this offer, and later in the same week, I received word from YYYY Corporation about a Director position. Things moved VERY quickly and they made me an offer for the role of Director of Consulting, at a salary of $188K with 30% bonus potential, wonderful healthcare, and so much more.  My SC& Campaign Director, Jo Ann Moser, was wonderful, helped me cut through the haze one has in a job search, and just look at my story! Choices in life are always nice!

– – – – – –

BBB Review – James MExtreme Value For What You Pay

Terrific team approach to exec coaching and search. Jo Ann Moser (Campaign Director) and Pam Longworth (Candidate Marketing Specialist) worked diligently to fund a placement for me from sign on to placement just under six months. Achieved a step up from my last position. Would Absolutely recommend.


BBB Review – Aaron T – Could not have been more instrumental and valuable

I spent over 24 years working for the government in one capacity or another and I wasn’t sure where I needed to begin a new direction for the next stage in my career. I discovered SC&C after an exhaustive search with several other executive placement agencies that promised little results and showed no evidence of success. I was partnered with a highly experienced and talented team dedicated to my success and transition. I worked alongside top resume writers, personal marketeers, and one of the most impressive campaign managers SC&C has to offer. Valerie is a no holds bar, direct, and focused campaign manager that spent countless hours fine tuning my career search into an exercise of process improvement, surgical precision, and a highly polished professional image that rebranded me and set me up for the dream job. She pushed me to my limits to spend quality time and efforts to find the right industry, position, and most importantly, the right cultural fit that will prove to be very long and enjoyable career. Words cannot express with enough emphasis how SC&C can be the game changer for any professional and their job search. If you want results, you want the dream job, and you want to learn how to get it, you need Stuart, Cooper, and Coon.

– – – – – – – – –

Mike F – Wisdom, expertise, and your encouragement – Invaluable.

“Hi Jo Ann, (his SC&C Campaign Director) I wanted to let you know that I’ve secured a position–one that’s a great fit to my personality and giftings, and one that I believe will be a great place to launch into this ‘second half’ of my career.  After completing the transferable skills and beginning to walk through work history, I met with my CEO last week.

This SC&C review helped me walk in knowing exactly what I bring to the table and how I can help this non-profit grow.  I was offered and accepted a promotion to serve as a Regional Development Manager with a better bonus compensation plan–it’s a big job for me but one I’m really excited about growing and serving in for years to come.  I’ve been tasked to build a team that will grow the southeastern US business…a task I’m excited about and will be years in the making.

I want to take a moment to thank you for your wisdom, expertise, and most of all, your encouragement.  So much of this search and season is a mental battle and in addition to the wisdom, your attitude and encouragement have been a real blessing to me in ways you may not be aware of.  Thanks for what you do and how you do it.  It’s obvious that you love what you do and I’m sure there’s a long line of people who you’ve blessed. Again, thank you!”

– – – – – – – – – – –

What’s Next After 24 Years in Government?

My experience working with Stewart, Cooper, and Coon could not have been more instrumental and valuable in my job search and my personal development. I spent over 24 years working for the government in one capacity or another and I wasn’t sure where I needed to begin a new direction for the next stage in my career. I discovered SC&C after an exhaustive search with several other executive placement agencies that promised little results and showed no evidence of success. I was partnered with a highly experienced and talented team dedicated to my success and transition. I worked alongside top resume writers, personal marketeers, and one of the most impressive campaign managers SC&C has to offer. Valerie is a no holds bar, direct, and focused campaign manager that spent countless hours fine tuning my career search into an exercise of process improvement, surgical precision, and a highly polished professional image that rebranded me and set me up for the dream job. She pushed me to my limits to spend quality time and efforts to find the right industry, position, and most importantly, the right cultural fit that will prove to be very long and enjoyable career. Words cannot express with enough emphasis how SC&C can be the game changer for any professional and their job search. If you want results, you want the dream job, and you want to learn how to get it, you need Stewart, Cooper, and Coon.
Review By: Arron T.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

BBB Review – Steve N – Hard Work, But a Great Investment In Myself

I was in a position that I needed to make a big leap from my current position to a much higher level position. I felt like I had all the skills and accomplishments required for more responsibility and much higher compensation (I was looking to double my earnings), but I knew I needed help to make a big jump. I signed with SC&C and got a lot of direction on how to systematically determine where my skills lay, what my ideal future position would be, and how I could communicate my value to prospective companies. Full disclosure: it is a LOT of work – nights and weekends devoted to research and analyzing my previous work experience and accomplishments, and evaluating the current work environment. To make the big jump, it was necessary to deeply assess where I had been and where I wanted to go, which I had not done in many years. Completing all the exercises and reviewing my work with my campaign manager was instrumental in giving me the conviction I needed when I did begin the interviewing process. I would highly recommend investing in SC&C because I discovered that I was really investing in myself and my future. Again: it is a lot of work, but I received invaluable direction from my campaign manager and access to tons of resources that influenced not only my current search but will help with my professional career.
Review By: Steve N.

 – – – – – – – – – –

Needed Help – No Professional Interview Training – The staff at Stewart Cooper & Coon are professional and dedicated to improving your job search and interview skills. I worked with Carol D’souza as my campaign director and she was outstanding! Carol helped me identify real achievements and create the compelling stories that ultimately got me hired in a position of increased responsibility and accountability. She was always upbeat and positive and kept me focused on the end goal of obtaining a national sales management role. I would recommend her and the team to anyone looking for assistance in navigating a job search, especially those that have not interviewed in a while like me!
Review By: Randy W.

– – – – –  – – –

I Nailed It  – If you want to find your next role/position, don’t wait for it to show up one day… Get prepared! Finding a position is a full time job that requires discipline. I highly recommend Stewart Cooper & Coon and their process to write you search material (resume – LinkedIn profile – personal Webpage), to define your campaign strategy and get trained for interviews. With the help of Barbara my Campaign Director we nailed it at C-level in less than 5 month. Great work, Barbara and Team. Thank you.
Review By: Jerome O.

– – – – – – – – –

1-Year+ On My Own – No Results – With SC&C Landed My Dream Job – I felt I had plateaued with my employer and had been searching for opportunities to leverage my entire toolbox of skills. Nothing had developed in more than a year. I took a risk on Stewart Cooper & Coon after speaking with one of their recruiters. I do not regret it at all. From Day One, I was partnered with a great Campaign Director named Carol. We worked diligently to expose my skills in a way that told impactful stories with results. The most difficult task for Carol was getting me to break my method of thinking (after having been held at a certain level in my career). She was always willing to make herself available at the last minute for questions or interview prep. She kept me focused on speaking at a career level I was pursuing. The team put together an amazing profile. It was hard to believe it was actually me they were describing. All of the steps, assignments and interview prep made a substantial impact. When I began this process, I was overseeing one location, unable to utilize all of my skills. Now, I have landed my dream job at a higher level with all of the responsibilities, authority, and challenges that will stretch all of my abilities. I wish we had connected sooner but timing is everything.
Review By: Fred E. 

– – – – – – – – –

Personalized ServiceTop Notch Staff – Very thorough campaign strategy, and they were just the help I needed. My campaign staff and coach were a perfect match for my career goals and industry challenges. Valerie was my coach and she did an excellent job of getting to know me and personalizing every step along the process. I highly recommend checking out SC&C if you are in need of their services.
Review By: Lee E.

– – – – – – – – –

I had a great experience with this team! – In the midst of a major job search, Stewart, Cooper & Coon provided me the counsel, real-world resume help and networking tools needed to turn my search into success. I had been in high-profile management roles within my company for over a decade when I decided to pick up the search for something new. Originally, I thought I knew what it would take to do this type of search on my own. Boy, was I wrong. We all have blinders when it comes to ourselves — and I discovered that with the help of this team. Yes, Stewart, Cooper & Coon armed me with the info and training I needed to find that next career step. They also taught me new techniques that I know will serve me for years to come. Thank you Stewart, Cooper & Coon!
Review By: Christopher K.

– – – – – – – – –

59-Year Old Receives 40% Salary Increase – 30% Bonus – Here is his note to the SC&C Team:  “To The SC&C Team – Hello Everyone:  I wanted to take a few moments to thank you all for the roles you played in my job search campaign, which came to a very successful conclusion on this Friday. I have signed an offer letter to become the first-ever Contracts and Compliance Director for XXXX.  My SC&C assisted search lasted only 4.5 months!

This position is exactly what I was looking for, which was clearly a tall order, especially for someone 59 years old. I was looking for a position that combined the skills I honed in my first career track (which came to an end in 2002), with the relationship building skills I established in business development positions over the past 15 years.

Thanks to Fred’s program and Jo Ann’s coaching, I was able to convince the executive team at XXXX that I could build a compliance program (skill set 1) in a changing environment (skill set 2) of a mid-size business that has just gone public.

Thanks to all your efforts, I was able to secure a 40% salary increase and the possibility of a 30% bonus on top of that. Combined, I have the opportunity in 2019 to increase my income by 83%. Guess what I’ll be telling my friends about the power of the SC&C approach? Clearly, the investment paid off!

Thanks so very much!!!!!”


A Recently Placed Retired Brigadier General Comments…

I am truly impressed with the Stewart, Cooper, and Coon (SC&C) approach. I have a much better understanding of the hiring process and feel that the entire SC&C team is behind me.

My Campaign Director has been especially helpful with her coaching and patience in guiding me through the process. She is my primary point of contact but connects me with a much larger team to develop marketing materials, both my resume and the unique SC&C Custom WebFolio, and also provide me access to research through tools that would be cost prohibitive to subscribe to on my own.

The company’s interview training is well supported by experts in situational and behavioral interview techniques and the experiential training far exceeded my expectations. The company’s process is exceptionally well documented in numerous books and articles published by its owner and associates which provides a wealth of examples and material to draw upon for examples.

I think the quality of the position I landed reflects highly on the quality of your coaching. I truly felt well supported by all of Stewart, Cooper, and Coon. Please pass on my sincere thanks to the team.  Overall, SCC provides great value and I highly recommend it to others.

Brig. Gen Ret.
United States Army



Here is a particularly heartwarming note that I received from a recently placed client. I am proud to lead such a great team!
Fred Coon, CEO

 ”The level of professionalism and comprehensive executive search services provided by Stewart Cooper & Coon was exemplary for me. From my initial experience with the entire team, especially my campaign director, with whom I worked intimately for over 5 months, the journey that positioned me to eventually be offered a position at a reputable company; what an extremely productive point in my life.

Having worked with a few other firms in the past, what seemed to set SC&C head and shoulders above their competition was the knowledge and experience each individual had with whom I worked.

Every time there was a decision or tactic to employ, my campaign director seemed to not only have the knowledge, but also had countless examples to make me feel comfortable with her recommended action.

My engagement with SC&C resulted in a desirable position within 5 months. My opinion on the relationship and effort expended by the SC&C team would not have been any different had I not gotten a position by the end of my contract period.

I would recommend SC&C to anyone seeking the next step in their career to secure a desirable position.”


Mike O.Given my age and compensation package I was hitting a brick wall…spent six months in search without any luck…
I am a senior business professional who lost a great job due to a corporate re-organization. I initially tried to go it alone and, using methods and processes that had worked for me in the past, spent about 6 months trying to find a new opportunity.

Given my age and compensation package I was hitting a brick wall…I generated a number of phone screens and face-to-face interviews but kept getting rejected because I was “over-qualified” (read as “too old”) and/or I was rejected because of my compensation history, even though I clearly communicated that I was willing to negotiate salary and had at least 10 years of service left before retirement.

I turned to Stewart, Cooper & Coon for the expertise and tools necessary to overcome these obstacles. Working with my assigned coach and other resources within SC&C was a very positive and supportive experience.

Among other benefits they:
a. Updated and improved my resume and cover letter.

b. Worked with me to document and quantify success stories from my past and posted these to an on-line WebFolio that could be accessed by potential employers.

c. Provided access to databases that I could use to generate lists of target companies and third-party executive recruiters that specialized in my field of business expertise.

d. Coached me on interviewing techniques and provided practice role-playing sessions which greatly enhanced my confidence and ability to highlight the value I could bring to a potential employer.

e. And many other value-added activities that are too numerous to list.

In short, working with SC&C is an investment in your future and I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about taking their career to the next level.


“Hands down the best investment in myself and career.”
I can only say great things about my experience with Stewart, Cooper & Coon and the partnership I had with the entire team assigned to my campaign. I was fortunate to have Jo Ann Moser as my Campaign Director who did an outstanding job keeping my focus on the tasks that provided the greatest impact to my career transition.

The early stages or tasks where I was required to provide my past experience and accomplishments seemed time consuming and in all honesty on several occasions I felt it was a waste of my time.However as a result to all that preparation, today I am able to go back 20 years of my career and communicate my accomplishments with great confidence.

During my visit to Phoenix I had the opportunity to learn and master skills that I now use in my every day communication.

As a result within 6 months of joining SC&C I started receiving calls from recruiters and executives interested in discussing their needs with me, resulting in multiple job offers. I was taught skills to effectively negotiate your total compensation package so you do not leave money on the table.

Hands down the best investment in myself and career.


“Networking Poster Child”
Please join me in congratulating Larry, a self-proclaimed poster child for the SC&C networking method because he followed our methods “by the book” and ended up with a fantastic opportunity being created for him.

Larry came to SC&C after not succeeding in finding a job on his own.  The SC&C process helped him become focused and disciplined, not to mention he now has a great set of documents.  He was thrilled with the Executive Summary as his connections said it was the best thing they had seen to give them clear direction for their efforts on his behalf.

When Larry started with SC&C, he was uncomfortable with networking, but working with him during his job search, he listened to our advice and implemented it to the “T”. the networking audio and applied the principles from that and the coaching.  Through the introductions by his SC&C coach, he was able to obtain a networking breakfast with an influential at a growing company. Larry says that meeting was the turning point in breaking his hesitancy in cold-calling strangers and networking.

During the last holiday season, he met an executive from an industry Top Fifty company, They spoke for about 30 minutes, which established a rapport.  Larry kept in touch .  By following up consistently, he eventually landed some “discussions,” met the CEO, met with company executives for a two hour lunch, and they liked him so much they created a position for him as Senior VP of Supply Chain and Services to build up a new business segment for them in providing products products and services.

The initial offer was for $160,000 which was disappointing. We created a negotiation strategy for focusing the company on the money he would be bringing into the company rather than the cost of his being an employee, then emphasizing dynamics of the value Larry uniquely brings to the table.

We knew in advance this would be tricky because the company EVP felt he could do the job himself.  Therefore, our strategy included developing a “partnership” with the EVP, emphasizing how they would work together to grow this business initiative into something big, perhaps large enough to reach the sales target. We advised that once the EVP realized the potential, he would see the benefit he would reap as well as that it required business development skills beyond what he had to offer.

On Friday, Larry met with the EVP to negotiate and was told the company was hesitant to increase the base salary because this is a new business line for them and they were  offering Larry a 100% bonus.  However, the strategy we created worked, and Larry accepted a revised offer of $180,000 ($20K more than starting offer) that will be evaluated in nine months, with the potential to go to $220,000+ at that time if he hits his targets.  He also received a signing bonus of $50,000 in stock that vests incrementally over three years, but pays dividends in the meantime.



E-9 | Military To Civilian Transition – The (SC&C) team  helped me find the right job the first time. I received over 25% more pay for the perfect job

“Stewart Cooper & Coon provided me the guidance and mentorship I needed to transition from military service and take my career to the next level. For the transitioning military, this is a must!! The service they provide is career coaching and their advice and counsel is “on point”. However, as with any coach and client relationship, there is much work that you must do yourself.

Your team of coaches ensure you place all of your efforts in the right direction. The feedback I received from the company I got hired on with on my resume and interview skills was very positive. In fact, as a retiring E-9 I was hired on in the same position as a retiring O-6.

This team helped me find the right job the first time. If you are concerned about the cost consider this, I received over 25% more pay for the perfect job than the best offer I had at another company prior to using their service.

Neil D.  U.S. Army, Ret.


A Detailed Program of Success…

I found Stewart Cooper & Coon a delightful, professional, engaging company with great support personnel, a detailed program of success to be well worth the money I spent. The professionalism of its personnel was unsurpassed compared to other companies within the industry. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to partner for placement, transition and employment search.
Mark R. – new position – CEO


Real Time Feedback From SC&C Client Who Was Interviewed
Ron, an SC&C client, recently was interviewed by XXXX Corporation. After his interview with them, the company sent him an email. This is the first paragraph. He then sent his SC&C Campaign Director an email and that is the second paragraph below. The “Big E” our client refers to is the EQ (Behavioral Competency) component of his answer to their question. They must see the applicant has “human” and someone who will fit in to their corporate culture. Including the SC&C EQ component of your answer caused the interviewer to really explore the total potential of our clients. Enjoy!

Here is the company response to Ron;  “Ron; Your response to that question went in a direction that I was not expecting, but allowed me to easily see the “bigger picture” aptitude that you have. I was expecting a personal story, or an encounter on the job, but you took this as an opportunity to naturally express what became clear as your positive attitude philosophy.  Your interest, as shown by your advance research into XXXX was refreshing & resonated very well with our side of the table.  Thank you for your time invested with us & for your service to our country.  All the best to you.  Jeff.”

From our client Ron to Barbara Limmer, his SC&C Campaign Director; “Barbara; The Phoenix experience (and a lot of practice since then) allowed me to “knock it out the park” yesterday during a panel interview at XXXX. I wrote thank you notes to every member of the interview team. I am forwarding the response I got back from one individual because I wanted you to see how your coaching on “the big E” paid off.  We will talk this afternoon but I am so excited that I wanted share this feedback.”

Fred Coon, CEO


“…experiential training far exceeded my expectations…SC&C provides great value and I highly recommend it to others.”

“I am truly impressed with the Stewart, Cooper, and Coon (SC&C) approach. I have a much better understanding of the hiring process and feel that the entire SC&C team is behind me. My Campaign Director has been especially helpful with her coaching and patience in guiding me through the process.  She is my primary point of contact but connects me with a much larger team to develop marketing material (resume and unique WebFolio tool) and provide access to research through tools that would be cost prohibitive to subscribe to on my own.  The company’s interview training is well supported by experts in situational and behavioral interview techniques and the experiential training far exceeded my expectations. The company’s process is exceptionally well documented in numerous books and articles published by its owner and associates which provides a wealth of examples and material to draw upon for examples. SC&C provides great value and I highly recommend it to others.”

RonB. Former Senior Military Leader In Transition



Focused and On Track…

I found myself unemployed after a 30 year successful career. After 6 months of an unsuccessful job search, I connected with Stewart Cooper & Coon. The company has an extremely professional staff and all the tools to assist a job seeker. I probably used 75% of the tools however the most impactful part of the process was the coaching provided. My coach, Valerie, wasn’t an easy task master. She kept me focused, on track and moving in the right direction. She was always supportive and had great insights and perspectives. She was readily accessible for interview preparation and debriefing and always offered good constructive feedback. Lisa, assisted me by contacting target companies I identified on my behalf. She was also very proactive, timely and kept me informed of all of her activity. In the end, it was Lisa’s persistence with a company that I sent several resumes that helped me obtain and interview and a job offer. I am confident that the SC&C proprietary WebFolio (which required a tremendous amount of work on my part ) prepared me for tough interviews and played a significant role in my success. I was able to walk through my previous positions and articulate significant accomplishments throughout my career, many of which I may not have recalled without this process.

I also came to understand that that this is work I needed to do for my own satisfaction and was glad Valerie and the staff held me accountable for moving through their process. I felt the financial investment was money well spent!

Angela A. 


“I Thought I Could Do It By Myself…I Will Be Forever Grateful…”

After 20+ years working at executive level positions in Direct to Consumer businesses, my position was eliminated and I found myself looking for a job for the first time in 20+ years. I thought I could figure out how to do that by myself and was personally embarrassed to find myself in this position, so felt uncomfortable staying in touch with other peers still employed.

After more than 6 months of going it alone, I came across Stewart, Cooper & Coon after a direct reach out from a remarkable person, Oliver Cornell. Mr. Cornell was instrumental in gaining my trust in working with an organization such as Stewart, Cooper & Coon and provided some positive affirmation as to my ongoing value in the business marketplace.

I began a very well choreographed process of providing my experience and accomplishments in a manner that would allow them to be configured into an impressive marketing piece to make myself more competitive in the job market. The process in Stewart, Cooper & Coon included lengthy efforts with a very patient, experience sage adviser, Bill Temple, who helped me regain some of my lost self confidence while helping me to craft a “web folio” version of my skills, accomplishments and “stories” about accomplishments in a succinct format that would be easy to view in a graphical view or drill down option for more detailed view. That use of technology was a giant leap away from the “sending of resume” process that I had been trying to no avail.

In addition, SC&C took me through an extensive interviewing process with videotape and feedback to better prepare me to market myself in today’s environment. They also walked me through the analytics of how most people in my position actually end up finding their next position. After months of following their recommendations , learning to believe in myself more and working the tools they had put at my disposal, I found a new position that not only puts me back at the executive level that I was at previously, but ends up putting me into a business opportunity with equity that provides so much more reward than the “person behind the desk” positions that I had held previously.

I will be forever grateful and have long since let go of the “surprise” that I felt as I watched their recommendations and efforts craft a significantly “new and improved” version of myself much better ready to compete in today’s business environment. They have an effective, impressive and successful business operation that yielded excellent results in my case.

Beverly P. 



…SC&C went above and beyond…”

Dear Mr. Coon: I wanted to write and thank you and the SC&C team on your efforts to help me in my job search. I was skeptical about working with SC&C but was assured of the commitment and legitimacy of your company through my research and your staff. Everyone that I interacted with at SC&C seemed to go above and beyond when it came to my needs.

I want to especially bring to light the efforts by Sylvia Gaffney, my coach, who is a true asset to your team. Her impression to me is so strong that if she ever left your company and I was in need of your service, I would seek her out. I cannot stress enough the value she is to your organization and the help she has given me. Her professionalism, caring and knowledge gave me the tools I needed to understand
my worth to any company. As a small business owner and now an employee I have the confidence needed to grow in my professional career.

On the eve of starting my new position, I felt that it was proper for me to correspond to you as a last order of business with SC&C. I wish you, your staff and families a prosperous and healthy new year.May the Lord also bestow his blessings on your organization so you can continue to help others during the professional transition.

Joseph F.



Here’s a note from Valerie’s client Jackie. I FINALLY got the job! I just received the offer for the head of HR role for XXXX. I am so glad that the recruiter talked me into meeting with them. When they sent me the job description, it seemed like a very low level position. After meeting with them, it turns out to be the number one HR role reporting to the CEO. The pay is identical to what I was making prior to starting my own business.

The most exciting piece of the job is that they are looking for someone to completely re-design the culture of the organization and elevate the HR function. It is like a half blank canvas.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to you and your organization for helping me through this very difficult and lengthy process. Honestly, I think everything that I went through (while was starting my own business and in working with SC&C) this last year has certainly positioned me to be in a much better place as I go back into corporate America.

Please know that I will recommend you and SC&C to anyone I know who may need your assistance!

Happy New Year and thank you again so much!  Jackie


“You Are The Real Deal….”

Dear Fred, Ron & Jo Ann: I had a wonderful time meeting you, Jo Ann and Ron during my Phoenix visit.

I was very positively impressed by the warm welcome, the professionalism, the open flow of communication both in the professional as well as the personal area.  Being in sales for 24 years my impression is you are the real deal. This is the bottom line, you create a lasting bond with your customer. In this case, me ☺

I came out with the feeling I want to be in business with you for a long time. But the icing on the cake (like Ron would like to say) is the personal warmth. That strong emotional bond. You know and I know this is so important in any long lasting business relationship. On top of that the integrity factor. Walking the talk. Excellent. Congratulations to you all.

It continues to impress me the flow of information “right in time” from each of “my” support team members.  For each step the information needed is provided. Not all at one time, which clearly would be overwhelming, but right on spot.

Today I received 2 e-mails. One from Mary Kirkpatrick “Next steps in your campaign/Guided Tutorial”. The other from Michael J. Weishaar “Your final documents” stating all final documents are loaded on my site. The day before Jo Ann let me know the graphs and power point charts will be loaded to my website by your webmaster Anita. Being supported by such a good team is my best Christmas present.

I wish you – and all my support team – a Merry Christmas and a Happy New! Year.Cheers, Richard


My Dream Job!
“I highly recommend Fred and the entire team at Stewart, Cooper & Coon. Their methodical approach to evaluating skills, career goals, and the marketplace to help me find the best fit for the next phase of my career were without a doubt the key reason I found the perfect place for me. After spending nearly 25 years in corporate/executive roles I was ready to make a total change. After only 5 months of intense work with Fred and his team I was hired into my dream job and on my way to a while new career. ”  Helene K.



Here is a note from our client, JoseF to his SC&C Campaign Director, Susan Barens.  “I was offered the position!!!  AND, they offered me the top of that band, but to adjust, gave me a signing bonus…..plus commitment to adjust my title in order to be able to adjust salary next year.  They also raised the bonus from 30% to 35%!




I Couldn’t Be Happier!
Here is a note from our client, Gary, to Oliver Cornell thanking him for the services provided to him by his SC&C Campaign Director, Barbara Limmer.

Hello Oliver,
I just wanted to send a quick thank you for putting me in touch with Barbara Limmer at SC&C back when I was staring at an uncertain future in early 2013.

I ended up with a great opportunity in a growing, exciting company -XXXX.  Since hiring on, I was elevated within 6 months and am very well positioned for further growth in the company. I couldn’t be happier. Please pass along my thanks to Barbara for her most effective coaching and guidance.

Best regards,

Gary W


New Position in “Paradise
Fred: Thank you for the assistance in my transition. My family and I are very excited about where we have ended up. I am now a Senior Consultant with XXXX in Tampa, Fl. We get to live in paradise and do a fun job. This find I directly attribute to the guidance from Stewart, Cooper, & Coon and Bill. I sent a cold email to a gentlemen in February which I found through the local Chamber of Commerce. He found my background interesting and called me back in June to see if I was still available. The rest is history and I am now living in Tampa.

Beyond that, I had three options to choose from when I made this choice making me feel even more confident I was not forced into something. I’ve only been here a short time, but believe I made the right choice.

Now, I just have to buy a boat…

Best and Later,
Scott D.


Here is a note from one of Bill Temple’s clients about his new position. Bill, its been a very busy first 6 weeks with XXXX.  In addition to the base salary as a company executive I received 6 weeks of paid time off plus 10 paid holidays for a total of 40 compensated days off, full coverage of of my medical and insurance contributions for me and my family (I have zero out-of-pocket benefit costs, other than co-pays, deductibles, etc.), will attend future board meetings, and will be one of three executive participants in determining bonus and stock compensation.

Overall I am very happy with the position and the company, although the difficulties and challenges of  my industry, particularly on the federal side, remain the biggest issue for me.  But, that’s why they hired me, right? I hope you are well and had a great holiday season.



Top Retained Firm Likes SC&C Work

On 11/18/2014 12:04 PM, our client, Brian C., wrote to his Campaign Director and his SC&C Branding team the following note.

“Hi Barbara, Cindy and Michael Today I used the resume you developed for me and uploaded it to Korn Ferry. At the end of the process they provided me a very nice analysis. To my delight they had some nice things to say about what I submitted and didn’t list any problem areas. I am very pleased and wanted you to know. Thank you Brian…. PS: I am sharing this experience with a number of friends.


Industry Change…

Here is a note to Barbara Limmer who is Navin’s Campaign Director. “I’m writing to give you an update about my job search situation. I recently received an offer for a Director of Architecture at XXXX and I accepted this offer. I plan to begin with them Dec 3rd. I am currently in the process of getting my background check and other paperwork cleared by them.

Your diligent work and SC&C’s career coaching has been a big factor in getting this job. I was able to get a large hike in my salary package and I got into the Financial IT domain that I was very much interested in getting into.

Thank you once again for all your support and coaching.”

Regards, Navin A.


Heartfelt Thanks…

Dear Mr. Coon, I wanted to thank you for your superb program and first class service. Even before I had the opportunity to work with your firm (when Laura K. Gabel contacted me), I was reading and studying your very practical book “Ready, Aim, Hired” with great interest. It wasn’t until I signed up for your service and received the initial package in the mail that I realized that the book sent was the one I had been studying. I have not made the connection yet. It was reaffirming and gratifying figuring that out.

I later acquired “Leveraging LinkedIn” also by you and used it as a complement to your  job hunting system to maximize this great social media tool. I also purchased and studied the book “The Art & Science of Landing Your Next Job” by my assigned mentor Bill Temple. Being an author myself, I appreciate the value of your team and their fine credentials. My experience with Mr. Temple was extraordinary and very insightful. It made me grow. It was cardinal to my development. Having Mr. Temple on your team is, as I am sure you know, a great asset.

I am an entrepreneur and I notice and value great operational systems. I am very impressed by the ones that you have in place. I feel fortunate to have found you (or you founding me).

Thank you and you can count on me for a positive reference for your services and your firm.

Rubén H.


The Power Of Staying Connected!

Here is a note from one of Bill Temple’s clients about his recent experience with staying connected. “Early this year I had an interview with a large consumer electronics firm. The interview with the President and his right hand man went very well but the conversation stalled and I couldn’t get it going again. A disappointment because I knew from a friend there that the right hand guy “loved me.” Today, seeking to build my LinkedIn network I invited him to my network. Minutes later I got a note from him. “Call me.” So I did. Literally while I was sending my invitation, he and the President were discussing me trying to remember my name. Voila! My LinkedIn invite arrives as they’re speaking. They’re going to try to put together a meeting for next week. You can’t make this stuff up. Stay tuned.”

You got to love it!

Dear Fred,

I am simply blown away by the American Express-like response from your team. Firstly, there was your immediate call after I sent a brief email about my situation.

I expected an Administrative Assistant to respond at the best, so your call was impressive. Instead of “call center service” I received “gold card” treatment – you’ve made me feel like “a member since  …”  what fun.

Secondly, the amazing team response from Barbara, Michelle and others in the cc lines – my goodness, you seem to want to “delight” to use an Apple-like mojo-phrase.  More fun.  Thank you for inspiring me today.

I must make sure I treat my clients (even old ones) with this degree of respect and privilege so the know membership has its rewards.

I promise I will write a more polished review later – but for now – I wanted you to feel my sense of “fun” in working with you and your team.

Making a quarter of a billion dollars for my current client has not been easy, but it has been fulfilling and always fun. Most folks don’t realize the firms ringing the (revenue) bell are having fun. I hope your folks keep having fun.

All the best

Brian C.


Here is a note to Fred Coon on LinkedIn from Joseph Ward, Senior Maintenance/Operations Manager at United States Marine Corps on August 25, 2014. Joe’s note follows his attendance at one of our ETAP programs we conduct on military bases around the United States and in the Pacific for senior military leaders who are transitioning from their careers in the U.S. Armed Forces and who face the many challenges of initiating a new career in the private sector.

“Hi Fred, I can’t speak highly enough of the May class That I attended at Hurlburt (AFB). I wanted to send a thanks along with a request to connect.

Joe Ward”


Just in from a placed client, Anne S., who starts her new position as Regional Sales Director next week. The notes were sent to Michelle Settle, Senior VP Operations at SC&C. Anne rated us 100%. We have extracted notes from Anne’s email and written evaluation form. Those are printed below.

Michelle and All:

Thank you so much for your kind words below, and I too, have enjoyed working with each of you.  I will definitely stay in touch, and hope you all do too.  As per my comments in my attached doc, my experience with SC&C has been most enjoyable and at a high professional level.

Barbara Limmer, my coach during my time with you, is a true professional, and very talented in what she does.  Most of all, she is a very positive and encouraging, and caring person.  There were times when I didn’t want to talk because I was tired, or frustrated with the search process – she was always uplifting and didn’t judge.  She always had great ideas, and shared things that had worked with other clients.  I can tell she really enjoys what she does, and it is a pleasure to work with her.

My SC&C WebFolio was very cool to have – not everyone has one!  Although it is hard to name one or two things that were most important, the WebFolio and resume were key in that those are the first impression to a new company and gets the initial attention, and to get one in the door for initial conversations.

My resume was very professional and re-written extremely well. It surprised me how well.  When I left my previous company, Right Management re-wrote my resume which I thought at the time was very professional and well done.  SC&C’s writers did an even much better job, and which I know helped me to get the attention of my new employer (when I applied online at their website).

Tessa, my SC&C marketing specialist, is a true sales professional and very knowledgeable in her role.  Being persistent is key in a sales and/or marketing position, as well as knowing when and how often to contact the prospective company.  Her contacting my targeted list of companies was timely and always in a professional manner.  She works well with people, and I appreciated her efforts, which resulted in several interviews with 2 companies.

Everyone was very professional, caring and supportive.  Everyone was accountable for their responsibilities, and deliverables were provided on time by everyone.  Also everyone was very willing to provide assistance when needed and they all worked as a team.

You all must feel very positive about yourselves to be involved in helping people to find their next employment position.  This is such an important area in anyone’s life!

Best Regards,



Here is a note Oliver Cornell, Managing Director, SC&C Career Consultants, received from his client, Beverly P.

Dear Oliver,

Upon receiving my SC&C WebFolio today, I had to take a moment to stop and say “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart for having reached out to me about Stewart Cooper & Coon and for having convinced me to invest in/believe in myself to take this step. Your personal investment in convincing me was so instrumental and life-changing for me. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much of an impact you have in people’s lives by doing what you do. Thanks very much.

Respectfully, Beverly P.


The client sent an email to Bill Temple and members of his SC&C team announcing his new position as Interim President and Chief Executive Executive Officer of a company in Canada. “I thought you might be interested in the two attachments. This is sort of what I was driving at when I was trying to package myself as not just a resort real estate guy. Please accept my thanks for all that you did to force me to look deep, achieve renewed self-confidence and damn well get the job done. You folks are great!.”




Here is a note from a senior military leader in the Air Force who attended a value-add and negotiation session conducted by Susan Thompson and Fred Coon at one of the Executive Transition Assistance Program (ETAP) workshops.

Dear Fred,
Without reservation I am pleased to submit my highest recommendation of your work to share. Here are the details of my LinkedIn Recommendation for you:

“My highest recommendation for this dynamic and motivating mentor! Fred brings a healthy dose of reality and positive motivation to the senior military to civilian transition. He is uniquely and exceptionally qualified to address the daunting challenge facing senior military work demands while preparing for a rewarding post-military career. It is no exaggeration that Fred doubled my career earnings potential in one day; not knowing how to translate my military and leadership skill sets into the language of business, I would have “sold” myself for half of what I bring to corporate America and considered myself “lucky.”

With the precision of our most advanced munitions, Fred excels at transforming the military culture of success measured in terms of 100% mission completion to the mindset of profit and loss. I now know how to market myself in terms of price (true cost of hiring me) to the revenue or earnings that I can generate.

What better way to address the looming leadership gap in corporate America than with proven leaders transitioning from the military. I can imagine no one better for preparing senior military leaders to fill that requirement that Fred and his team.”

Bradley K. Hammer


Here is a recent note placed on Fred’s LinkedIn profile from a Senior Leader who attended one of our an Executive Transition Assistance Program (ETAP) sessions that we conduct on military bases throughout the US and overseas.

“Fred is a phenomenal instructor with tons of enthusiasm and professionalism. He and Sue Thompson were instrumental in guiding our ETAP class through the maze of Executive career transitions. I greatly enjoyed his stories that brought to life his experiences in a meaningful way. I definitely recommend Fred to all who are transitioning careers!

Ronald Banks,
Col.  Pilot USAF


Here is a note from one of our recently placed clients:  “Fred – I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize two SC&C members by name.

Bill Temple – Bill was (and is) the consummate professional.  He was always “on the dot” on time for our sessions and he kept me well organized and focused on doing the right, productive things.  Bill’s insight and counsel was extremely valuable and helpful to me.  Frankly, looking back now…without Bill’s guidance, I do not believe I would have been successful in my job search.  I would have followed the same tired and worn path that many go down when seeking new opportunities.  Bill’s insight with respect to personal networking was uncomfortable for me initially…but truly, truly was the key to my success.  Had he not drilled this into me multiple times…and provided me valuable insight and tips…I may still be sending in electronic resumes to listed jobs.  I certainly appreciated his leadership throughout my journey.

Deb Stellar – Deb was a pleasure to work with.  Her job is difficult.  Attempting to locate the right person within the target company and tactfully “sell” the SC&C client is an art that not everyone is cut out for.  Deb did a very nice job working this angle of attack.  As well, Deb provided me with valuable perspective and insight with respect to how certain companies approach the human resources process and she provided some good tips along my journey.  She was a bright light on some of the dimmest days.  She was always upbeat and I was glad to have her on my team.

And thank you Fred…for leading the charge in what you folks do.  The folks at SC&C that worked on my resume and web folio did an amazing job.  I received multiple compliments from recruiters during my search regarding the professionalism of my credentials.  Your firm performs and offers a very necessary and value added function at an affordable price.  I’m sure most individuals have doubts with respect to engaging an executive placement /counseling firm like SC&C…but once they work through the entire SCC process it will be crystal clear that the value of SC&C is unquestionable.  Rest assured I will be speaking highly of my experience with SC&C and will recommend SCC whenever and wherever possible.

All the best,
Chris H


Here is a note from our client Steve L, to his Campaign Director, Bill “The Professor” Temple.  “Bill, I wanted to let you know that I did take the position at XXXX. I am still getting inquiries from Georgia Pacific and Otis Elevator here in the area.

Has been a very crazy few months with work and personal issues. Wanted to thank you for restoring my confidence and building my interviewing skills. Was a dramatic difference in results. Wish I had done this earlier, as there were a couple of ‘dream’ jobs interviews I had before I came to you that were not successful. If either of the other jobs come to fruition, I would like to review with you.

One thing that I have learned is to be always looking and keeping my marketing and branding current.

Thanks to the “Professor”
Steve L.


Dear Mr. Coon: I want to take the opportunity to send you this letter of recommendation for your company. Please feel free to use it in any way that is beneficial to your company.

After searching for over 18 months I have found employment in the chemical industry and wanted to drop you a note expressing my gratitude for your company helping me organize and manage my job search so effectively.

My search begin when my previous employer restructured and my position as Vice President, Sales, was eliminated and I was back in the job market without a coherent plan of action. I found Stewart, Cooper & Coon, six months into my job search and, after speaking with your staff, I decided to utilize SC&C services.  It was the best decision of my career.

Your processes of evaluation, SHARE story creation, my WebFolio, the great coaching, helping me prepare for my interviews, and help and support during negotiation was invaluable.  I was then focused and fully prepared for my job search.

My Campaign Director, Valerie El-Jamil, was a constant source of inspiration, motivation, solid advice, and tremendous assistance during the entire search process and I want you to know that she is a great asset to your company, truly dedicated to helping her clients any way at any time. She is a true professional in every sense of the word.

I recommend Stewart, Cooper & Coon highly and I will be happy to be a reference for your company anytime.

Jim L

Thank you Michelle.  I appreciate it.  I also appreciated the service and counseling from SC&C.  You folks truly offer a service of value.  Frankly, I do not believe I would be in the position I am today if I had not partnered with SC&C in my job search.  The guidance, counsel, and support was invaluable.  I would (and will) recommend your firm’s services to other executives.  The entire team at SC&C delivered what you folks said you would deliver.  And for that…I truly thank you.
Thanks again!
Kind regards,
Chris H.


“Thanks Fred! Great topic for a book. Looking at the first few pages, it looks like you nailed it as usual! Thanks! (P.S. It was you guys that got me pointed in the right direction regarding doing a better job of nurturing my networks … I have subsequently become a big time user of LinkedIn! … thanks!)

I am calling our TAC organization again to make sure your company is listed as an outplacement choice. Happy to do it. You are the best!

Best always,
Dave B.
Senior Vice President, Program Management
Industrial Sector
XXXX Corporation


Hi Jo Ann,
Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help related to my job search.  From our early conversations about resumes all the way through to our discussions on interviewing skills and negotiating tactics, you provided excellent suggestions and recommendations.  Additionally, I appreciated your support in terms of helping me to remain positive.

I landed a job in Baltimore that I enjoy and have been gainfully employed for over a month.  Again, thank you for sharing your professional expertise with me, I know it played a big role in me securing my current position. Take care.
Kevin C.


After more than 10 years of consulting, building my own business and not preparing a CV for more than 20 years, I was not prepared for how the ‘real world’ has changed and what I needed to prepare. Jo Ann was terrific throughout the entire process, it was a pleasure working with her and all the extra assistance she provided that I am sure are not part of the standard program. Additionally, my sincere thank you to the writing and web team they did an outstanding job. Thanks To All, John

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