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The ViewPoint©

The ViewPoint©  accomplishes two things.  First, it exposes you to tens of thousands of decision-makers.  Second, it positions you as an expert because the expertise is confirmed by an independent third party (The US At Work Network).  This strengthens your credibility as a decision maker and problem solver.

The truth is, the more people who see your credentials the greater your chance of establishing a contact that leads to an interview.  Positive exposure is everything.

Having a great resume is only the beginning of your search strategy.   Where are you being seen?  Exposure creates more interview opportunities. Opportunities come from effective social media networking and marketing.  This is your opportunity to exponentially expand your network and to be seen by potential decision makers.

Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon is a nationally recognized job and career transition expert and multi-book author who has a network of millions of corporate executives and organizational leaders, world-wide.  Through ViewPoint© you immediately tap into Mr. Coon’s extensive network to exponentially expand and professionally market your brand.

Here’s how it works.  Fred personally works with you to develop an article positioning you as an expert in your field, and that article is then published on the web.  He also records a video conversation with you, based upon points you’ve made in the article.  Your article and podcast will be posted to all appropriate followers and groups in his vast network and featured on his award-winning websiteThe US At Work.com.   You then post your URL link on your resume, LinkedIn profile, custom-designed Career WebFolio©, to effectively cross market your brand.

Bottom Line? It’s all about networking and achieving maximum exposure in the shortest time possible. Where else in America can you work with nationally known experts, achieve a magnitude of professional exposure so quickly, and devote minimal time in doing so?

“If they don’t know about you, they can’t hire you or interview you; brand exposure is essential.” Fred Coon

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