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The ViewPoint©

The ViewPoint© is your way to exponentially expand your network and be seen by decision-makers and people with influence or decision-maker contacts. The more people who can see your credentials and accomplishments, the greater your chance of making a contact that can lead to an interview.

Having been through The Master Interview© program, you will have mastered successful interviewing tactics.  Now, you need exposure to land interviews. These come from effective networking.  We offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to exponentially expand your network of decision makers.

Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon is a nationally recognized job and career transition expert and multi-book author.  He is followed by or connected to millions of corporate executives and organizational leaders, world-wide, and the list grows daily.   

Through his ViewPoint© you can immediately tap into Mr. Coon’s extensive network, and exponentially expand and professionally market your brand.  It begins by working with an SC&C coach to discuss your expertise in your field and develop a focus for crafting your ViewPoint© article in which you will share your own applied solutions to a problem facing your industry.

It continues, as Fred Coon personally works with you to finalize your article and prepare you for your ViewPoint© podcast.  He will record a podcast conversation with you, based upon points you’ve made in the article.  Your article and podcast will be posted to all appropriate followers and groups in his vast network, will be fully featured on his award-winning websiteThe US At Work.comand both your article and your podcast can be placed into your custom-designed Career WebFolio©, as well.

The Bottom LineIt’s about networking, maximum exposure, and knowing what to say when you get that interview, isn’t it?   Where else in America can you work with nationally known experts, learn how to exceed interview expectations, improve your financial package, achieve a magnitude of professional exposure so quickly, and devote a minimal amount of your time doing so?

“If they don’t know about you, they can’t hire you or buy your product; brand exposure is essential.” Fred Coon

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