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The Master Interview

Better Financial Packages ——-Exponential Network Expansion

Better Financial Package:  Do you want a better financial package?  Getting more money requires you understand your value to a company and be able to present it to the hiring authority so that they conclude that you are worth more than they were prepared to offer.  IF you are saying to yourself, right now, “I am great at interviewing, I don’t need help,” or, if you know you need help, you will want to read on.

The Master Interview © program affords you a rare opportunity to work with our interview, negotiation, and behavioral experts to refine your interview skills and use your SHARE stories and career accomplishments to master interview control techniques that lead to positive hiring decisions.

Corporations and executive recruiters now use online interviewing to decide who will move forward in the interview process and/or employ.  They can now see and “read” your non-verbal cues during your online sessions, study your delivery, the content of your answers, and analyze your communication style. Then, they decide to hire you.

Working with our experts affords a rare opportunity to learn how you are being received by hiring authorities.  You will practice with our professionals, before you engage in interviews that will determine whether they will hire you.

Our experts teach you our time-tested tactics on how to eliminate your competition.  As you interview, you will receive immediate feedback. You will know where you stand and how you are doing, at all times.

Included in these interview sessions is an intense and challenging Behavioral Interview, which is one of the most utilized and critical screening devices implemented today in corporate America to help senior leadership determine fit and predict candidate effectiveness.  Your behavioral and final interview are recorded, and you will be provided a copy for your use and records. We focus on ensuring you are fully prepared to eliminate your competition in any interview – either face-to-face, or online.

Exponential Network Expansion – Getting interviews is your greatest challenge, right? Interviews primarily come from your building a large network.  Would you like magnitudes of exposure quickly?

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