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The SC&C “Phoenix Experience”

The Phoenix Experience is an intensive day of interview training to improve your value-add positioning during your negotiations with a company.  The Phoenix Experience is conducted in our Phoenix office located at 10429 S. 51st St., Phoenix, AZ 85044.

Think you don’t need this? Your peers thought the same thing. Watch them talk about how wrong they were.

We know you wish to accelerate and significantly improve your executive job search process. We also know you want to improve your financial package.  But, how? By participating in our intensive personal counseling sessions and by being able to implement what is learned there, you will have the ultimate preparation for any executive job search interview.

Your Interview Style

The Phoenix Experience will provide you time, as well as necessary breathing room, to step back and focus on your own interview style. We guarantee you will improve the delivery of your own value proposition. This experience has been likened to receiving an MBA in Interviewing.

While in Phoenix, you will meet with a senior SC&C Campaign Director and a Behavioral Competency expert. The behavioral interview will be the toughest interview you will ever have. If he is available, Fred Coon, SC&C’s CEO, may be able to join you at lunch to discuss your exit statement and other interview techniques.

Clients who complete The Phoenix Experience session tell us that one of the most important aspects of this grueling day, is the recorded feedback they receive from us. We record all interview sessions. We put these recordings onto a thumb drive and give that to each client.Your interview answers and your delivery style, during the recording sessions, are critiqued and are contained on the drive.

Now, no matter who you are, whether at your desktop or on your laptop, you continue to review your performance and measurably act upon our professional feedback for each interview question put to you during the day.

By the end of the day, you will have begun to master the SC&C  interview control process. You will know how to effectively communicate your strengths, defend against visible weaknesses, and be prepared to face even the most demanding candidate selection processes with absolute confidence.

All leaders constantly seek to improve their skill sets. Stewart, Cooper & Coon executive clients visibly improve their interview techniques. Watch a few of the client videos and see for yourself what they, and they are your competition, are saying about their Phoenix Experience sessions and how this is was a significant contributor in defining and reaching their career and financial goals.

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