Phoenix Experience

The Stewart, Cooper & Coon Phoenix Experience – The Toughest Interviews You Will Ever Have!

Below, SC&C clients describe their Phoenix Experience.  Each client spends the day with a SC&C team of experts finalizing their go-to-market strategy, marketing plan, and they are digitally recorded in important interviews formats including HR, Functional, and Behavioral.  Why is this important?  Knowing how to successfully manage your search and knowing how to eliminate your competition during the interview process is invaluable.  If you want to receive better offers and know how to negotiate a meaningful financial package, watch what these successful executives say about the added value of The Phoenix Experience. Learn More About “The Phoenix Experience”

John C.
Brian S.
Sales Executive, Business Development
Ed F.
Director – Marketing/Sales
Brad B.
Senior Executive
Christine W.
Senior Operations
Senior Executive
Bob S.
President / CEO
Pete B.
Director of IT
David R.
Senior Executive
Helene K.
VP Sales & Client Services
Karen B.
CFO / VP Finance
Barbara K.
Senior Executive
Steve N.
Senior Executive
Ty P.
GM / VP Operations
Forrest B.
Senior Executive
Eddie T.
Senior Executive
Tiffany T.
Risk Management Banking Executive
Sean R.
VP Sales/Marketing Business Operations
Brent S.
Senior Executive
Michael M.
Corporate VP Int’l Research
Scott M.
VP Sales/Marketing Business Operations
Jeff M. & David M.
Senior Executive
Rupa N.
Director IT
Kenny L.
Senior Executive
John C.
VP Global Operations/Finance
Lisa B.
Senior Executive
Jim H.
VP Treasurer
Robert M.
President Marketing/Advertising
Cliff H. & Luke P.
VP/GM & VP Director Business Dev’t
Phil B.
VP Operations
Bruce M.
VP OP & Customer Care
Jay H.
Senior Executive
Robert S.
Sr. Business Development