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Placed Client Interviews

Below are listed 64 audio recordings of Fred Coon speaking with our clients. These recordings were made after the client went through their job search with Stewart, Cooper & Coon, and have accepted a new position.They discuss the marketplace, barriers to employment, the Stewart, Cooper & Coon process, the failures and successes they encountered, and what they learned in their time with us. Enjoy!

Client Audio Interviews

Results Count
Compared to Competition

Military & Govt. Transition

John C
Neil D – Helped Make All the Difference
Neil D
Rick K – Gov’t to Private Sector


Jim M. – Could not have done it without SC&C
Tom B – Win, Win, Win
Ken S – Exit Interview
Steve N – Phoenix Experience
Ken B – Two Months Work At Home Before Moving
Barbara P – On SCC Help in Job Search
Dan R – VP – Fortune 500 To Start Up
Rakesh – Much Better Job Than I Thought I Could Get
Tom P – Would Have Been Lost Without SC&C
Patrick V – Delighted With His New Position
Richard K – My Wife & I Are Thrilled With New Opportunity
Gordie G – Multiple Offers – Great New Position
Elizabeth W – On SC&C Value In Her Job Search
Jim L- I Had Been Out Of Work For 6-Months… Happy Now
Gary B – 2 Wk Search – Wasn’t- Focused
Successful Executive Placement
Client Exit Interview
Promises Made – Promises Kept
Eliminating The Competition
Joel S. – How SC&C Helped

Great Relationship


Brian M – Career Change – Strong Supporter
John M – God Bless SC&C
Susan M. – Reviewing Campaign
Charles D – My Coach Cared About Me
Don A – Two-Time Client On SC&C Webfolio
Rob B- Highly Recommend – One of the Family
John M – Personal Experience
Personal Touch – SC&C Really Kept Me Going


Dion A – Outplacement – Referred Others
Eric E – A Job Well Done
Charles F – Go Back And Ask For More
Troy B – Job Search is Hard
Mark R – It’s A Tough Process
Brooks S – Needed Help with Niche Skills
Barbara P – On SCC Help in Job Search
Dan S. – How SC&C Helped
Susan – Last Search 20 Yrs Ago
Alan W – My Coach Taught Me Many Skills
Telly S – Great Brand – I Felt Prepared
Tracy E – Coaching Was Excellent
Kari H – Kevin Was A Great Coach!
Kevin O – Working With My Coach Was Pleasure
Addressing Your Weaknesses
Responding to Offers
The SC&C Coaching Relationship

Executive Branding


Mike – SC&C Process Is Like Graduate School
Darrin H – Changing Roles – Bus Dev To Opns
Tom D – My Webfolio Gave Employer Great Information
Dawn G – First Of All, You Had a Process…
Juli C – Last Job Search 14 Yrs Ago
First Impressions of SC&C
Barry W. – Reviewing Campaign
Gary D. – How SC&C Helped


Uli H – As Advertised
Comparing SC&C to Competitors
SC&C vs. The Competition
Client Recommendations


Dennis M- I Know I Made The Right Choice
Patrick K – I Can’t Thank You Guys Enough
Doug B – Outplacement Placed Client
Sam A – Outplacement-Two Mo Search


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