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Charles P – $12KSalary Increase – No Cap On Earnings – No Relo. – Small Company

Charles came to use looking for a way to use his extensive field operations experience in the telecom industry to open doors to other field operations environments. Like so many people who have spent much of their career in the same industry, transitioning out of it required a clear communication strategy focused on transferability of skills vs specific industry experience. The other issue he faced, like so many others, was that all the people he knew were in the same industry with him.

Once we had built a clear, well-defined product that was now communicated through his new resume and WebFolio© materials, we worked on defining other industries where the same understanding of field operations would be important. With a starting list of companies to target, and tools to present his value, Charles began his networking process, in addition to seeking out possible positions that might be of interest.

What Charles found was an interesting, and unexpected opportunity that tapped into his field operations experience, but also tapped into an as yet untested personality trait: the ability to influence others. The company, XXXX, had recently expanded into Southern California and needed people who understood the issues of end-user companies in the field, and who could communicate the value of a “clearing house” of support services to that marketplace. Charles and his coach worked through the entire interview process, leading to an offer and negotiation of his agreement.

The beauty of this position to Charles was many fold: he was not locked into a large, bureaucratic environment; he did not have to relocate his family; he did not want to take much of a pay cut (had been at $108K; this position hit $120 with no ceiling on commission earnings), and he wanted to feel back in control of his work again. Needless to say, Charles got everything he wanted and more!

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