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Cesar P. – Military Transition – 11 Wk. Search – I could not be happier.”

It is always a daunting task to convert military experience to corporate America. Cesar has just accepted a great position with XXXX, a medical device company. In addition, he accepted a part time consulting position that has a strong possibility to become his career of choice. Cesar said, “…it is always nice to have multiple choices when looking to grow one’s career path.

His job search lasted 11 weeks by overcoming the transition from active U.S. Navy status to becoming a corporate America, HR professional. Gaining a solid focus on transferable skills, his search was broadened to contact industries well out of his expected wheel-box…and done so with great results. In his new position he will be working strategic human resource projects to secure high quality analysis and best practice improvements in delivery and contracts.

Cesar accepted this position, not only to stabilize his career path, but to avoid moving and provide a complete process to manage what is in reality three positions, XXXX, consulting and continuing with Navy over the next 18 months, thereby enabling him to retire from the military with a pension and full benefits.

Cesar said, “I valued the SC&C process and especially the tutelage from my career coach in paths to follow to maximize my search results. I could not be happier with the outcome of my search.”

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