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CEOs: Leading Ways to Market Your Brand

Fortunately, the Wild West method of branding cattle for identification is long gone, however, it was a visible, albeit distressing, way to let anyone who came across the unique design know who the animal belonged to. Thankfully today’s modern world has reached more humane methods of identification, yet one could argue that in today’s modern business world, creating a “brand” could also be a potentially distressing experience, but of course in a much different way.

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Your company’s brand is basically the definition of your company, and without a recognizable characterization, no one will know what your company is about. When considering the competition any given company must face, developing a recognizable and trusted brand is imperative to business success. Luckily, there are many ways to market a brand.

Here are the top ways to ensure your brand reaches the pinnacle amount of its target audience, and a few you may have overlooked.

Social Media

More and more CEOs are jumping on to the social media bandwagon to market their brands.  Social Media has become such a common form of advertising that it’s basically one of the first marketing stops for many industries. It certainly is the quickest, and in many cases, the most effective way to get your brand recognized, since the majority of people, despite generational boundaries, are turning toward social media and the Internet to get whatever they need.

Any business that isn’t taking advantage of this arena is jeopardizing the strength of their company on a marketing level. Some of most popular social media platforms used for advertising are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Also, don’t hesitate to start a new hashtag on Twitter to get the word out, or initiate a Facebook group that is congruous with your branding goals.  Another helpful option to keep in mind is YouTube.  Creating content videos describing your product or cause is a useful way to reach the masses.

Real World Promotions

Depending on the nature of your business and the products and services you provide, your company may still greatly benefit from the tried-and-true (or non-digital) forms of promotion:


They may not be as popular as they once were, but advertising with them is still a valuable option. Most have also gone viral, using social media and their own websites to publish and promote. When purchasing ads, make sure the ad will be placed where it will gain the most audience, including online advertising spots.

Transit signs

Commutes are lengthy in the larger metropolitan areas where it can take hours just to get to work. This means more people are taking to using transit busses for transportation, and also passing them along the way.  Placing a tasteful and creative ad on the side or back of a bus means it will catch the eyes of many commuters, bus riders and pedestrians from all over the city and wherever the buses travel.

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Donations and sponsorships

Devoting your time to good deeds and worthy causes are not only moral duties; they also make great business sense. When a company’s logo and brand are associated with altruism, people who are passionate about that cause take notice. It is a constructive and positive way to associate your brand with humanitarian efforts.


Here is another common and effective way to market a brand. Most drivers find it hard to ignore an enormous billboard sign. Catchy phrases and creative artwork will keep the brand fresh in their minds.

Radio and television advertising

Before internet, companies relied on television and radio for a great portion of their advertising.  To this day, “old fashioned” media still proves to be a solid business generator. In fact, most people will exit an internet ad before they will change the channel for a TV commercial.  CEOs can choose specific channels and time slots where they think viewers will most appreciate their business and brand, and where the targeted audience is more likely to be reached.


Teaming up with similar companies may seem counterproductive at first, but it is actually an excellent market strategy. When two parallel companies partner up, they are doubling the opportunity for their brands to be noticed. When a potential customer views an ad for similar company they are familiar with, and then also see your brand advertised, you have just gained more awareness and potential sales.

Simply placing your brand out there is not the best way to market it. CEOs need to be mindful of their competition and customer base, always ensuring that their brand stands out among the competition. When designing a marketing strategy, your campaign should embrace all aspects of advertising, while tailoring presentation to your most likely customer base.  Following this advice while being sure to build a brand that is both recognizable and respected will increase your potential for ultimate success.

By Fred Coon, CEO


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