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There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

$190K Base ($10K Negotiated Increase) + $15K signing bonus + $20K Negotiated Equity Increase.

Here is a note from Barbara Limmer about her latest client placement. I wanted to let you know that Beth- Z has accepted the job of Director of Marketing & Business Development for a Medical Products company (XXXX) occupying the digital technology sector.

Beth wanted to stay in the health/med device/biotech/pharma world, without having to move from her home. She had several interviews but didn’t make it to offer stage. We knew her new SC&C resume was doing its job, because of how many inquiries she received. We then switched our to improving her interviewing skills and confidence, especially when it came to selling her value.

She applied to the job at XXXX, and spoke to them, but they felt … Read More

Efficient Meetings: Exploring the Five-Minute Rule

The recent drive toward meeting-efficiency has spawned the tendency for many executives to follow a strict agenda in the boardroom with little room for digression. Even in instances where you are required to update your team members on an important work-related matter, there is always the possibility that your presentation may be cut short in favor of other issues on the itinerary. While the new propensity toward “lean meetings” has certainly had a positive impact on the overall productivity of many companies, less time in the conference room also requires an extraordinarily succinct approach to addressing even the most crucial topics.

Leadership coach, syndicated columnist, speaker, advisor, and founder of “Leadership from the Core”, Marcel Schwantes provides some … Read More

The Evolving Journey of a Job Candidate

There are some paths through life that are often heavily tread and, by virtue of their familiarity, we are granted a greater level of insight into a depth of common ground that is typically absent. In these arenas, our shared experience allows for a step-by-step guide that helps ease the transition for new professionals beginning their journey. This piece highlights one such important path and lends a helpful understanding toward having a successful job-seeking search.


The world of job seeking has gone through a phenomenal shift in recent years. Over the course of a single generational gap, the landscape has changed so much as to render traditional methods utterly ineffectual–or simply nonexistent–while on the other side of the fence we … Read More

The Key To Successful Managerial Coaching

There was a time when business coaching, or mentoring, was considered somewhat of a novelty. However, those times have changed, significantly. The value of those who are capable of helping others develop their own add value, has become paramount, and many organizations and business leaders are quickly catching on. Essentially, employee development is becoming a job skill in and of itself.  Yet, the reality of the situation has indicated that – even with the best of intentions — few team leaders are actually sufficiently prepared to coach successfully.

hand drawing in a whiteboard the keys for success

The Conference Board conducted a recent Executive Coaching Survey, which reported 63 percent of organizations utilizing some type of in-house coaching program, with half of the remaining planning to partake. Nevertheless, coaching … Read More

How Smartphones Really Fit Into the Workplace

Ubiquity doesn’t begin to describe it.  Not only are Smartphones and mobile devices everywhere, but quite often there are twice as many as you think there are.

Used properly and according to well-developed security plans, Smartphones are reasonably safe.  Companies deploying a Smartphone or other mobile device, exclusively for business use, usually have them protected in such a way that no additional software can be loaded and un-vetted attachments cannot be opened, or even downloaded, in most cases.

close up photo of business man work on  phone at office

The same cannot be said for personal devices.  In a high-connectivity environment where security is paramount, personal devices are often forbidden.  Consequently you will often find that business people are carrying two phones or mobile devices—one for personal use and one strictly … Read More

Entrepreneurs: 4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Sales Performance

If you’ve recently started your own business, and are seeking to increase your overall sales revenue — or if you currently wish to fine-tune the current practices of your established company — you may have found yourself seeking an intangible formula to ensure that your sales goals are not only met and sustained, but hopefully, surpassed.  Yet, while there may not be a singular remedy for achieving financial success, the notion which depicts sales as a rare or elusive talent must be quickly disregarded. Rather, it should be treated as a job skill as any other, with techniques and strategies that must be implemented, practiced, and mastered.

Male hand drawing a graph on black

Fortunately, there are certain practices that can assist entrepreneurs and business owners in … Read More

What Business Leaders Can Learn From One Another

C-Level executives and managers regularly seek knowledge through advanced experience and higher education, yet there is one method that is often overlooked.  Business leaders actually have a great deal to offer one another in terms of expertise and awareness.

Business Leaders Collaboration - 3 business professionals

Overcoming Preconceptions

It’s common for business leaders to have preconceived notions of what drives their peers in other departments or industries; however, they are likely to have more in common than either may initially presume.

Learned, yet distinct, differences in skills, methods, and even professional vocabulary can create a deceptive separation among leaders, possibly inhibiting useful opportunities to share and trade ideas, goals, perspectives, or the chance for a profitable collaboration.  Yet, it is in spite of – and because of … Read More

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Executive Business Development Director (Consultant P/T or F/T)

“RAINMAKER” OPENINGS – we seek to hire five additional Executive Business Development Directors. Is this you? Large, current network and business contact list — well-connected in your industry and/or across multiple industries — wish to work part-time or full-time.

SC&C Image Icon

  • Executive Business Development (Consultant Part-time or Full-time)
  • Commissioned Sales Position – 6-figure income
  • Several New Positions Available for Executives with Expansive Networks

Stewart Cooper & Coon HQ in Phoenix AZ is a Human Capital Strategies and Management firm with five operating business units, including the Retained Executive & Technical Search Division. SC&C has served corporations and individual executives in both U.S. and foreign markets for over two decades. http://stewartcoopercoon.com/retained-search/scc-team/

Recently, M.B. Consultants Inc., a Boston based Retained Executive Search firm … Read More

6 Main Causes of High Employee Turnover Rate

Workers on the move

According to a national survey, in 2015, U.S. employers from different industries (28,000 organizations), reported that the average total employee turnover rate was 16.4 percent. This is slightly higher than what was reported in 2014 – 15.7%.

Employee turnover can be costly for organizations. In fact, according to a 2014 ERE Media article, the estimated cost of replacing employees would be at least:

  • $72,000 to replace six entry-level employees
  • $96,000 to replace four mid-level employees
  • $72,000 to replace two senior employees

Therefore, the lowest estimated cost of replacing just 12 employees would be almost $250,000. This would cover costs for recruiters, interview costs, training costs, and even lost productivity costs.

What are some of the main causes Read More

Career Refresh: 5 Reasons Updating Your Professional Profile is Important

If you are an established executive or leader in your field, it is quite easy to become complacent regarding your professional profile.  After all, if you have achieved the level of success you originally set out for, there may seem to be little reason to focus your attention on your online resume or network contacts.

Laptop Keyboard

Over the last ten years, the information age has taken professional networking to the next level.  Meeting new professionals through the people you work with has become almost prehistoric, and online networking has taken its place.  While there are several alternatives like Beyond.com and BranchOut, LinkedIn is by far the most popular professional branding tool out there.

While most create their resumes and profiles while … Read More

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