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There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Family-Focused Benefits: Employer’s Role in Financial Literacy

Family-centered benefits play a major role in the lives of an employee’s children. Health insurance, paid maternity/paternity leave, and FMLA all receive – and deserve – a great deal of limelight, but there is one area that also stands to make a highly significant and lifelong contribution, and that is financial education.

Financial Literacy - Calculator, Chart, Pen

In today’s competitive job market, candidates are focused on perks beyond just title and salary. Employers who offer creative benefits are doing so in an effort to retain top talent, as family benefits are becoming a way for employees to ascertain whether a company supports and values the family dynamic.

Along with the more common family-related benefits that are offered, financial education for children could make the … Read More

Essential Marketing Tactics to Help Connect with Customers

Using a single channel of communication with your clients has a moderate value; let us imagine that it creates a one-in-ten response rate.  Adding a second method of contact or communication increases it (according to various sources) by between 20 and 60 percent (improving from 10 percent to as much as 12-16 percent); adding yet another method does something rather remarkable. Specifically, it raises it by between 60-125 percent, resulting in a 16-22½ percent response rate.

Essential Marketing Tips - Tablet showing online marketing strategies

Why this spectacularly large jump?  The fact of the matter is that you are keeping your name (or that of your company) in your customers’ minds, and (if you’re not, you should be) providing them with a useful service, or information, at no cost.  … Read More

A Guide for Managing Customer Complaints

While good organizations do their best to keep their clientele happy at all times, even the most highly regarded companies are bound to experience a customer complaint every once in a while. Therefore, it’s important for all businesses to know how to prepare for a negative customer reaction, should the situation arise.

The manner in which companies handle criticism directly affects the survival of your business. In fact, teaching your employees how to properly deal with an unhappy client should be of paramount value in your organization.

Managing Customer Reviews - survey graphic

Here, we discuss some guidelines to help businesses effectively and gracefully handle an unsatisfied customer.

Dealing With General Customer Complaints

1.  Pay attention

According to Matthew Swyers, business writer and founder of the … Read More

Recruiter Confidence Index Report: October 2017

One of our primary services has always been to provide our clients and partners with a reliable roadmap and forecast of the economic environment that lies ahead. Establishing topography of dependability and confidence is vital to the health of the industry and our ability to respond appropriately to changing indicators. Our targeted surveys show that executive recruiter sentiment remains fairly bullish for the next six months–by which we mean that the projections indicate that over 65 percent of high-level executive recruiters are highly confident that executive recruitment will rise in the following year.
Recruiter Confidence - Professional Woman working on laptopWhere does this sense of ‘bullishness’ come into play and why is it a good thing? Well, we see it as indicative that not only are we
Read More

8 Tips for Preparing a Successful Yearly Business Review

Business owners are typically quite adept at forecasting the future needs of their companies. In fact, for entrepreneurs, planning ahead is an indispensable skill. Yet, by the same token, looking forward in a practical way is often next to impossible without accurately evaluating the past.

Yearly Business Review Advice - Chalkboard cloud with lightbulb

Of course, each year presents its set of highs and lows; and it’s just as important to celebrate an achievement as it is to assess and learn from a flawed decision. Simply stated, in order to create a working plan for the upcoming year, it’s imperative for business owners to take stock of the past one. Small-business adviser to entrepreneurs across the globe and contributor to Inc.com, Marla Tabaka, shares some valuable guidelines … Read More

Seeking An Executive Role? 5 Tips for Personal Re-Branding

Employees seeking a shift into the c-level or any form of entrepreneurship must remember that that the process requires patience. Switching to a new, more demanding career not only requires tenacity, finely tuned skills and expertise, but also attention to your own personal brand. While reinventing your professional image may seem like a tremendous feat, it’s important to remember that it’s actually quite common in the corporate world and beyond.

invisible business man concept

According to Kandia Johnson; Communications Strategist, Corporate Motivator, and Business Writer/Entrepreneur; it’s important to seek out and remember many of the success stories of personal reinvention as a reminder and inspiration to stay motivated. However, she continues, “…it takes time, hard work, and patience to re-brand”. Luckily, she has shared … Read More

When is Corporate Rebranding the Best Alternative?

Rebranding becomes necessary when an event or action causes a change in the equity of a product or service.  It’s almost invariably present within cases of equity loss, since there is seldom a reason or an advantage to rebranding a highly successful existing image.

business man hand point to branding diagram

A Case of Public Perception

Let’s consider an anecdotal example of what we will refer to as “Terrible Airline LLC”; an airline that has been in operation for three years, and, while no one was ever hurt, experienced three significant incidents during that time which garnered a great deal of negative publicity. The first failure was a manufacturing brake fault causing a runway excursion; the second was an unpowered landing because the ground crew … Read More

Creating a Socially Responsible Business

Our current era requires more than just fiscal achievement for a company to be considered truly successful.  Organizations who accomplish the most are also making an impact in areas outside of their budget; they are working toward the betterment of society as a whole. In fact, studies have concluded that companies who pursue one or more worthy cause also have greater level of customer loyalty, brand insight, as well as more effectual marketing, employee recruitment and engagement.

environment concept with keywords written on colorful note papers (bulletin board)

Why must business leaders take social responsibility into consideration when planning their business strategies?

Within the last five years, public expectations have grown considerably.  Forbes recently reported that 32 percent of workers would contemplate leaving their place of employment if the company gave … Read More

Creating Quality Online Content That Fits Your Business

There are few successful businesses that are not cognizant of one of the most popular modern marketing concepts of our day:  Creating quality online content for your business draws attention to your company, builds credibility, and helps sell your product.  However, simply being aware is certainly not enough when it comes to developing an effective content strategy, as there are several specifics to consider.  Regardless of what type of company you lead, each portion of your online content must be carefully planned and crafted before it reaches your audience.

Business man holding his laptop

Here, we review the most important steps toward launching your own company’s unique online content.


1.  Identify Your Purpose. 

Before you can design your own brand of online content, you … Read More

The Emerging Future of Small Businesses in the U.S.

The American small business landscape is steadily changing. While even positive changes can cause a temporary upset, the good news is that start-up and small business growth in the U.S. has been on the continued upswing since 2015.  In fact, according a recent Kauffman Report, 2017 shows the most promise for entrepreneurial expansion in over a decade. However, this is not to say that all current circumstances have made for an easy road.

Image of business paper at workplace and business partners on background

Nevertheless, here are some of the more promising factors currently affecting today’s small business community.

Going Solo

Some entrepreneurs have decided to forego the tediousness of hiring, payroll, and management hierarchies, instead opting for a one-person enterprise. A recent Census Bureau report has reported that … Read More

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