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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Gordon G.– 30 Years In One Company – Faced Tough Market – $185K + 50% Bonus + $3.5K Signing Bonus + 20 minute Drive To Work

Gordon came to SC&C, after having been instrumental in the acquisition of a Fortune 1000 company by a Fortune 50 company. He had been with Fortune 1000 for 30 years.  He was concerned that not having looked for a job in a very long time, combined with his age, could be hindrances in his search. He could have accepted a position with Fortune 10000 if he was willing to move to CA, but he wanted to stay in Chicago. His background is in Finance with some experience in Operations/Supply Chain as well, and he wanted a position that would lead … Read More

Phil C. – 30% Bonus – 90-Day Search Time – “In Complete Command of Interview”

Here is our client, Phil personally describing his search process“I initially applied for this position before I even engaged SC&C.  I found a position description on Indeed.com and applied, but did not hear back.  A few months later I was immersed in the SC&C program, learning interview skills and how to control the discussion.  A few weeks after the Phoenix Experience, I received a phone call from the hiring manager at XXXX asking for a 30 minute discussion, and an in-person interview.

Bill Temple, my SC&C Campaign Director, prepared me to the Nth degree and I was in complete command of my interview.  I had a full day of meetings, and was able to frame each discussion around … Read More

Cynthia C. – Guaranteed Bonus $30K Potential Bonus of $70K

Jan Ann Moser’s client, Cynthia, has been placed and will be starting with the XXXX Company in a western state next Monday, as their VP for their Western Region. She was able to negotiate a guaranteed bonus of $30K and, her overall potential bonus was $70K more than with her previous company.

The main story point behind this placement is that Cynthia has been rather pigeon-holed in the lower end retail market for years, having worked her way up at several Big Box retailers. She wanted desperately to make a move away from low-end retail… and actually out of retail altogether if possible.

She has been able to accomplish this and without having to relocate. This position will also allow … Read More

James M.- $129K + $13.4K Signing Bonus + 15% Annual Bonus + $13K Relo. +

A note to let you know that James has placed at XXXX. James and his wife have been living in the south-central U.S. with the hopes of returning to the south-eastern U. S. They figured it would be very tough to place two wage-earners back in Atlanta but their target city was a place they had lived before and they wished to return there. As it turns out, his wife (a school teacher) was able to get a teaching job back in the same district she left a few years back.

That set the plan in motion and it was more critical than ever for James to find employ there. He successfully navigated numerous interviews (phone, webex, and in-person) with … Read More

Charles P – $12KSalary Increase – No Cap On Earnings – No Relo. – Small Company

Charles came to use looking for a way to use his extensive field operations experience in the telecom industry to open doors to other field operations environments. Like so many people who have spent much of their career in the same industry, transitioning out of it required a clear communication strategy focused on transferability of skills vs specific industry experience. The other issue he faced, like so many others, was that all the people he knew were in the same industry with him.

Once we had built a clear, well-defined product that was now communicated through his new resume and WebFolio© materials, we worked on defining other industries where the same understanding of field operations would be important. With … Read More

Steve M. – Leveraging SC&C Network Pays Off!

I’m pleased to announce that Steve has accepted the position of Operations Manager for XXXX, a human services organization. His background included the military and in the protective services industry. He was looking for an operation role in the mid-west, having recently moved there from the Eastern United States. He wanted to explore new industries as well.

We spent time defining his transferable skills, core competencies, achievements and success stories, and he came for his Phoenix Experience visit where we did in-depth interview practice. Shortly thereafter, he saw a job posted on LinkedIn™for XXXX company. He saw on LinkedIn™ that Fred Coon, SC&C Chairman, was a 1st level contact. He requested an introduction to this recruiter. The very next … Read More

Craig L. – Opportunity For Career Growth

Please join me in congratulating Craig who has accepted the role of Advocacy Manager with XXXX.
Craig endured a difficult job search, but hanging in there and moving forward prevailed with his landing this position.  He says:  “I’ll be managing research programs with the Center and I believe this has a lot of opportunity for me to grow within the company.”Read More

Dave V. – $125,000 + Bonus + Great Package + No Relocation Required

I am pleased to announce that Dave has successfully landed as Sales & Marketing Director for XXXX.  Dave was referred to us by AndyZ, another SC&C-CT client who worked for him at his last company. Dave’s challenge was that although he had significant sales & marketing experience, it was all in the real estate industry.

He wanted to explore new industries in addition to possibly staying in real estate. He did a lot of networking and spent a great deal of time on LinkedIn™. He actually found this job on LinkedIn™, applied and was called for an interview. He had several interviews over 2 months, including 4 rounds with 16 people, and ultimately got the offer. He talked to us … Read More

William I. – 3.5 Month Search – Director, IT Operations

I am very pleased to announce that Bill’s executive search has concluded successfully after a 3.5 month campaign, and he has accepted a new position. Here’s William’s note to me. “Just letting you know I accepted a new position on Tuesday as the director of IT operations with the XXXX company. I will be starting this Monday and I wanted to say thank you!… Read More

Tom P. – Outplacement Client – Short Search – Likes New Position

I am very pleased to announce that Tom’s Outplacement Program has concluded successfully after a 5-month campaign. He has accepted a new position. Here’s his note to his SC&C Campaign Director. “I am starting my new job next week working XXXX… a good sized territory. Looks to be a great move. Thanks for the guidance and support. Tom.”… Read More

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