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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Jeff A. – SCC Marketing Campaign leads to Discussions with CEO and ultimately a Managing Director Role

I’m pleased to announce that after months of interviewing, discussions and negotiation, Jeff has started his new position as Managing Director of XXXX Division of XXXX. This is very exciting because our own Marketing Specialist Tessa Philiposian is the one who made the initial introduction of Jeff to XXXX.

Jeff came to us seeking a position leading a business for a growth oriented company. He is a fan of the outdoors and was interested in moving from Chicago to a warm weather location. He had excellent credentials, having worked at name brand companies and having an MBA from Northwestern, but he knew he needed assistance in packaging, networking and interviewing.

Throughout our work together, Jeff was actively interviewing. XXXX was … Read More

Robert J. – VP of Operations + $175k Annually + 30% Bonus Potential

Rob had been in the mix for a positon at XXXX where he got in the very running late and the company told him they already had a candidate but wanted him to wait in the wings.  He also had been interviewing with a major retailer but they were dragging their feet making a hiring decision. He was becoming anxious about getting a job and was ready to take most any job to get back in the working world.

He saw a posting on LinkedIn for a VP of Ops and he decided to toss in a resume for the position.  But he has been “trained” to do his proper research to see who he can get closest to in … Read More

Bill G. – Bonus To 175% of Target

My client Bill” has placed as HR Manager of Labor Relations at XXXX. The company has locations across US, South America, Thailand, Japan.

He will be responsible for providing HR support for 800 IUE – CWA represented employees and serve as the primary focal point for actions and interpretations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, providing assistance and advice to supervisors and managers in executing work via the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  • $ 110,000 annually (paid bi-weekly) – he was able to negotiate a better salary than originally offered
  • bonus payouts as high as 175% of the target
  • four weeks of vacation- he negotiated this upward from the 3 weeks
  • Eleven holidays a year
  • Health Care benefits to commence on the first
Read More

Ray C. – “I got the revised offer for what I was asking, thanks for all the advice!”

I’m happy to announce that Ray has accepted a position as Director of Research & Development for North America for XXXX, a chemical manufacturer.

Ray came to us from one of the corporations using SC&C as their vendor to manage the placement of their outplaced employees. He had been with his company for less than two years and was one of five people laid off after a restructuring done by his Division General Manager. He wanted his next position to focus on growth via new products and new technologies and he was open to relocation within the northeast. His challenge was in marketing himself and selling himself in interviews.

We worked on defining his core competencies, his behavioral competencies, his … Read More

Colleen D. – 40% Base Salary Increase + $250K Package

Colleen has accepted a role as Director Global Transformation with XXXX. She received strong offers from both Ernst & Young and XXXX, and accepted the offer with XXXX. In addition to the generous relocation package, she raised her base salary by 40%. She will travel but that will depend upon XXXX’s expansion plans. She had previously been at a base salary of $125K and we helped her negotiate a base of 175K, with a total package at $250K+.… Read More

Rick G – $200K Guaranteed Bonus + Annual Equity Awards

Here is a note from our client Rick. “I just wanted to let everyone at SC&C know that I have accepted the CFO position at XXXX. We settled on a base and guaranteed bonus of $200k which is fine for me. It’s a very profitable company and the COO has committed that my base will move up as the retail base grows.  They also agreed to grant annual equity based on a program I get to set up. Thanks so much!” Read More

Adam S. – $35K More Than Initial Offer – $200K base + $15K shares of stock

I’m pleased to announce that Adam has accepted the position of VP of Finance for XXXX, a leading maker of health supplements. He came to us in April after consultation with Oliver Cornell. His current employer was not getting the investment funding it needed to grow; consequently Adam’s growth there was also limited. He sought a position as VP or Director of Finance and preferred to stay in CA. His challenge was in learning to articulate his experience in a way that has value to employers rather than minimizing what he does as “just part of his job.”

We worked on defining his “product” through our worksheet system, then identifying his target audience, developing his packaging for maximum impact, and … Read More

Ron G. – $300K and $25k bonus 2-Mo. Search

Ron came to us from our Connecticut Office. He had excellent credentials including an MBA from a top school, as well as very impressive quantitative achievements, but he knew nothing about behavioral interviewing. He is a very straight-shooter and direct communicator, and in hindsight he thought he may have gotten taken out of the running in previous interviews without even realizing why.

After completing his resume and SC&C WebFolio©, we spent a great deal of time on interview preparation and practice, culminating in his office visit which included one-on-one time with our senior behavioral interviewer as well as time spent on negotiation strategies and tactics.
Ron was very active in his networking and revised his LinkedIn™ profile based on our … Read More

Steve S. – $22,000 Base Salary Increase + $43K Bonus

My pleasure to announce that Steve has accepted the position of Executive Director – Finance for XXXX. Steve was concerned about needing to land a position, so the timing of this could not have been better! He just made his deadline and should start his new position next week. But, let’s let Steve tell his own story.

“My former boss at YYYY applied for the position originally and got through to the final interview stage. While he was interviewing, it became apparent to him that the job did not fit his requirements. However, he thought it was a good fit for me so he passed on the recruiter details to me. He was also one of the references that I Read More

Kelly K. – $200K Base – Multiple Offers – $43K Bonus – Home Purchase

Here is a note from Barbara Limmer, Kelly’s SC&C Campaign Director.  “I’m pleased to announce that Kelly has accepted the position of Director of Operational Excellence for XXXX.

Kelly came to us after being laid off from her company, YYYY, Inc. She is an expert in Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence. She has all of the impressive credentials one would need in her line of work (B.S. in Industrial Engineering, MBA, Certified Master Black Belt, and came up through GE’s Manufacturing Leadership program, but one potential obstacle for her was that she had not previously managed her own business unit. Also, even though her family was up for moving, she wanted to stay where she was currently … Read More

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