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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Paul C. – Negotiated More Money

Paul has accepted a position with XXXX. His title is National Sales Representative with a 1-year guaranteed salary- draw paid from commission. After one year he will go to full commission. They have already targeted him for a Sales Manager or Regional VP role after a year or so and he knows he has to pay his “dues” first.

They made an offer and he countered with a number and they met him halfway.  He felt this was best to do after 10 months in search and since his industry underwent a significant economic downturn. His new company is devouring all the competitors and he felt to be with them from the start might prevent him from going through a … Read More

Neil D. – Retiring Navy Command Master Chief

“Now, I know what a perfect job interview feels like.”

I’m pleased to announce the Neil has accepted the position of Project Manager with XXXX. Neil came to us after having retired from a 30 year career in the Navy. His most recent position was as Command Master Chief, the highest rank an enlisted sailor can achieve. He had obtained both his bachelor’s and MBA while in the Navy.

He was seeking a position in the private sector where he could utilize his operations and process improvement experience. His challenge was in translating his military experience so that private sector employers would not only understand but also be impressed by his experience.

We worked on translating his experience both in … Read More

Tom B. – $185K + $10K Signing Bonus + 35% Bonus +$14K Annual Stock

Tom has very happily accepted a role as Senior Director of Application Development with XXXX.  He actually had a choice between two offers; one with XXXX and one with Capital One, but felt a better fit and better environment existed at XXXX.

Tom came to us while he was still employed with a well-known newspaper. With newspaper printing spiraling downward in popularity and becoming a dying industry, he knew what was ahead.  He had a slow start to his campaign. However, once he realized that buyout offers and layoffs were occurring at his paper, he became fully engaged.  He actually was offered a buyout and was going to be displaced.

He was really worried about the “churn and burn” tone … Read More

Helene K. – Outplacement– 1 Week As Consultant – Made Permanent

Please join me in congratulating Helene on accepting a Talent Acquisition Partner with the TA Team at XXXX. This is a dream job for Helene who had been heavily into business development with Covance. With her outplacement package, however, she desired to get back to her roots and into the HR side of the business.

As one would expect, the vast majority of her conversations were with companies for sales / sales management roles. While not totally opposed to such a role, if no other options were available, Helene did not want to move to a new company and do the same thing she had been doing with Covance. When the XXXX came along, Helene was already deep into conversations … Read More

Mike B. – $160K Base + 25% Annual Bonus + Caribbean Travel

It is my pleasure to announce that Mike has accepted the position of Senior Project Manager for XXXX (USA), with a comp package of $160K plus 25% annual bonus structure, plus an “over achievement” bonus of an additional $10K, a 401K plan, limited travel, 4-weeks initial vacation and unlimited sick days.

At the time of accepting this position, Mike had 4 opportunities on the table, two in formal offer stage and two pending. He ranked them using an asset/liability test his Campaign Director suggested so that he could see what really mattered in comparison between offers.

His #1 choice was a start up with significant upside potential and significant downside risk. This opportunity, while exciting to consider, did not provide … Read More

Robert M. – $30k More After Using Competing Strategy For 2 Companies

It is my pleasure to announce that Robert has accepted TWO positions with two different companies. How is this possible? Robert pursued conversations with several companies in the financial services sector for senior-level marketing positions. Multiple interviews / conversations and introductions from SC&C Candidate Marketing Specialist, Shanti Brown, led to high levels of interest from two companies, both with VP Marketing openings.

In coordination with his Campaign Director, Robert prepared for and reviewed after every interview, ensuring a clear focus on the needs of the organizations. Lesson learned: until an offer is made there is nothing to negotiate and almost everything is negotiable!

As a result of persistent follow through, Robert received an offer from XXXX. The compensation package was … Read More

Rick A. – SVP + $250K Earnings + Equity + No Commission Cap

It is my pleasure to announce that Rick has accepted the position of SVP Business Development for XXXX, a well-capitalized startup in the retail services space. Rick found this position, as we would expect, from networking efforts that led to an introduction to the ownership of the company. Despite the focus on youth in the industry he was targeting, Rick was able to demonstrate how experience trumps age when it comes to developing and implementing strategies. The company is fully funded for the first year with VC sources in the wings ready to fund years 2 and 3, although Rick’s desire is to generate enough revenue to fund growth organically to limit the equity exposure to outside interests.

Rick … Read More

Sheila L. – $9K Higher Offer – $3K Signing Bonus + $15K Moving

When Sheila came to us she had been at her company for nine years and thought she would retire from there. Unfortunately, because of government funding cuts, her position was put at risk; the facility staffing had already been cut by nearly 50%. She thought the company would improve, but it became clear that if Sheila wanted to further her career, she would have to relocate (not a desired outcome), and even so, upside could be limited. Sheila’s career goal had been to make VP within two years.

In the course of excellent networking and management of all channels of her campaign, Sheila ended up with multiple conversations in play. The current one came about as follows, and is described … Read More

Mike L. – “…could not have found success without you.”

Barbara Limmer, Mike’s Campaign Director wrote this note. Dear Campaign and Executive team, I talked with Mike today to fill in a few blanks about his new job that he started two weeks ago. He is very happy about his new position and the help he received from us.

Mike came to us, having been with his company for 20 years. He was introverted and had never really had to look for a job. He said that the monthly reporting required in his program with us was a great tool to help him stay on track, and he appreciated not only that we kept “banging the drum” about how important networking is, but also gave him tools, scripts, and best … Read More

Craig S. – Under 4 Months Search – “…team concept was extremely valuable”

Craig accepted his new position yesterday, a 15 week job search time, from start to finish. Craig came to us to help him evolve and develop for him a full brand marketing program that he could present to any large property organization (Hotel / Time Share) anywhere in the country. Our resources were of great benefit to him and there was a very aggressive process planned and executed on his behalf.

Strategically, networking and VC’s & PE firms were the optimum for him, and several opportunities presented themselves almost simultaneously. He selected a position with XXXX, a premiere hospitality management company. He will be leading a group of properties as a Regional Director of Operations. There is a great upside … Read More

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