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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Rupa N. – IT Director

Rupa came to from India where she had been working as an IT Director at a major financial organization. She felt this was a dead-end for her as there was no room for promotion opportunities.

After we completed her documents and she went through her SC&C Phoenix Experience, she felt more comfortable with interviewing and presenting all her successes and achievements.  She completed a series of interviews with a major restaurant company that has multiple franchises and hundreds of locations throughout U.S.-wide for a lead IT role, however, that would have meant a major move, which she wasn’t particularly interested in doing.

Then she did a face-to-face interview with XXXX, one of America’s largest online companies, for a Senior Technical … Read More

Michael K. – Successful Expat Relocation – $20K Relo – $150K Base Salary

Here is a note from Jo Ann Moser about her client, MikeK.  I am pleased to announce that Mike has accepted a role with XXXX as Sales Director within a newly created division of XXXX where he will report to the VP of Sales.  He will have a sales territory that includes NASA and Lockheed-Martin, because he understands those industry sectors very well.

He has also been tagged to assist the business development team with his product knowledge background.   His salary will be $150K base with commission on top.

The best part of his placement is the relocation amount of $20,000 he was able to negotiate.  Michael has been living abroad for several years now and was very concerned about … Read More

U.H. – $170K + 24 vacation days + 10% 403b match + full health/dental

UH came to us after an assignment with the largest software company in the United States, as the company’s Chief of Staff. He then went on an excursion into a startup building the operations side of that business. Due to capital limitations, however, it was not a sustainable relationship. He sought out assistance, found us, and engaged in the program where we reconstructed his value added brand  to allow him to  identify the areas he wanted to pursue, having done just about everything.

His campaign was a journey that required patience, persistence and a positive mindset. He and I frequently communicated to ensure his direction was clear and the message appropriate. We also discussed broadening his search to other industries … Read More

Mark S. – Back In The Mix – $200K + $30K Bonus + 10-Min. Drive To Work

I am happy to report that Mark has accepted a new position. Mark came to SC&C with concerns.  He had taken off work for nearly a year in order to care for his ill mother-in-law full-time. This caused him to have job market re-entry difficulty that stood in the way of getting him “back in the mix.”

Mark wanted to remain in the sales field as an Account Manager/Director of Sales. After working on the online worksheets and re-positioning him, we produced Mark’s documents. When he began distributing them he quickly realized they were working well for him and he was getting more job search interest in him as a candidate.

After a series of interviews, he has accepted an … Read More

Bill F. – Search 43-Days – Industry Change – Took 10% Less For Better Fit

Here is a note from Bill Munson announcing the placement of his client. His client, Bill, selected SC&C because he had the daunting task of re-positioning himself in a market in which he had no current experience. Bill’s journey included building a strong document and marketing process, securing much-needed interview structuring and providing a professional offer evaluation and counter offer plan.

Bill was downsized from his former company where he was the Director of Global Client Services. With an interesting mix of having a great mind and being eclectic, he was open to new ideas and adapting his search thoughts and actions. By focusing his actions to be very aggressive, he demonstrated no fear from the beginning and secured quick … Read More

Rob J. – $175K Base – $45K Salary Increase + 30% Bonus + 2% Equity

Rob has joined XXXX working in human genome testing. His base salary is $175,000 annually with a 30% bonus. His previous highest salary was $130K with no bonus. After six 6 months he will receive a 2% share of equity stock in the company and, if things go well, within 3 years he may possibly retire, if he choose to do so. The company will move his wife and children from their present location to the corporate headquarters location. His wife is busy staging their home right now for sale.  Meanwhile XXXX is housing Rob in a two-bedroom apartment and providing him $10K for expenses before he gets his family moved.

He absolutely loves what he does and calls it Read More

Jeff F. – “Avoid Recruiters and HR At All Costs”

Jeff called yesterday and confirmed that he landed a job he wanted with XXXX one of the world’s largest web hosting providers. Jeff has worked with two other companies in this space, so he is familiar and comfortable with what they do.  His new title is VP of Sales. He is charged with building out the sales division and assisting with integration of acquisitions.

Jeff starts with a $115,000 base salary, $75,000 bonus paid out monthly, and 10% additional bonus potential based on the company’s EBIDTA/metrics.  He will have three weeks of vacation plus generous stock options.

Jeff is elated.  His new CEO personally called all eight of his reference and asked probing questions like “how can we best work … Read More

Michael S. – Marine Officer – 8-Wk Search + 20% Bonus + 20% Annual Stock

Michael came to SC&C as a retired Marine Officer. Like so many others, he discovered how challenging it is to move from the military to the private sector in corporate America.

He had no success conducting a job search on his own, which is why he chose SC&C to guide him. We focused on converting his military skills and accomplishments into stories that would overcome the private sector market perception that military people have no experience or that experience doesn’t translate into real jobs. We also worked on his interviewing skills and focused on overcoming the other perceptions held in the private sector that impact military transition.

He told us that the SC&C interviewing process, including the Phoenix Experience, and Read More

Cesar P. – Military Transition – 11 Wk. Search – I could not be happier.”

It is always a daunting task to convert military experience to corporate America. Cesar has just accepted a great position with XXXX, a medical device company. In addition, he accepted a part time consulting position that has a strong possibility to become his career of choice. Cesar said, “…it is always nice to have multiple choices when looking to grow one’s career path.

His job search lasted 11 weeks by overcoming the transition from active U.S. Navy status to becoming a corporate America, HR professional. Gaining a solid focus on transferable skills, his search was broadened to contact industries well out of his expected wheel-box…and done so with great results. In his new position he will be … Read More

Kathy W. – $195K + 10% bonus + 12 holidays + 2 to 1 match up on retirement

Kathy started her career in computer applications development and accounting with Honeywell. She advanced ahead of the typical curve adding Operations, Customer Service and Supply Chain experience. Eager to expand her industry knowledge base, Kathy left for an IT leadership positions with two different private sector companies.

A dynamic organization, her company changed structures, combining Kathy’s Business Intelligence unit with Information Technology under a single, more senior VP. That event and a desire to relocate from the upper Midwest winters to a warmer southern clime led Kathy to pursue a focused Job Search for a “C” or VP level position in the Sun Belt.

Recognizing the challenges involved in successfully conducting a “long distance” job search, Kathy connected with Oliver … Read More

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