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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Peter W. – $230K – 9 Week Search + 35% Bonus + 9.5% Pension Adder

Peter was an exceptional energetic and receptive client, and his search results demonstrated a strong program result. He selected the SC&C program as he had the daunting task of positioning himself in a market in which he had no experience.

Peter came to Stewart Cooper & Coon with an absolute decision he was not going to move from his current location and stated that he needed our help in developing a marketing process that worked. Never say never!

The search plan he developed and used himself, up to the time that he became an SC&C client, was not working nor was it effective. Plans change and he accepted his new position in an overseas company. He will be the COO … Read More

Kevin R. – $200,000 – No Relo – $40K Qtrly. Bonus – 25K Shares + Options

Executive Placement

A note from Barbara Limmer, Kevin’s SC&C Campaign Director.  “I’m happy to announce that after juggling 3 offers, Kevin has accepted his dream position as VP of Product Development at XXXX, a technology company. It is near his home so Kevin will not need to move his family which was one of the search goals he was trying to achieve.

Kevin began with us at the end of March 2010 as a Technical Program Manager who had been working for the past few years as a contractor at Microsoft.  Prior to that, he spent 10 years with Yahoo, including having done a European assignment. He had “grown up” in the field of software engineering and progressed to a … Read More

Susan B. – Position Created For Client – $140K +$5K Sign-On + 20-40% Annual Bonus

Sue has accepted a Marketing Manager role with in NJ. This is particularly exciting as there was no actual opening but they spoke with her and created a role that she will be “making her own” in the coming months- with her final title yet to be determined.  They told her they did not want to risk losing her to another company.

Her salary will be $140K which was at the top end of the spectrum of jobs she has been interviewing for.  The company will be relocating Sue and her spouse. They are providing $15K relocation, a $5K sign-on bonus, and annual bonus between 20-40%.

Sue, with the help of Carrie Pasquarello (SC&C Marketing Specialist), worked her target companies … Read More

Brian M. – $25K Increase – “You have made my career transition perfect.”

I’m pleased to announce that Brian has accepted the position of National Sales Director for XXXX in SC. He was brought to SC&C by Executive Consultant, Dennis Johnston. Brian came to us as an employed Sales Leader who felt his career growth was limited at his current company because of existing turmoil there. One example was that he had 6 different compensation plans in the two years he had been there. He also had experienced two short tenures as he had been with his last two employers for two years each.

Ramsey Penegar put together superb marketing materials for him, and together we worked on his interview skills, including putting together a PowerPoint presentation he gave to an executive panel … Read More

Darren C. – $15K Above Original Offer – 10% Planned Salary Increase

Darren has secured a role as Associate Creative Director with XXXX in Florida. This is a particularly great role for him as he stands an excellent chance of moving up quickly to the Creative Director role. The location is only 6 blocks from his home and he will walk to work each day.

They were particularly interested in Darren due to his extensive experience with advertising campaigns for major companies such as YYYY. We were able to negotiate a salary increase of $15,000 above their original offer. He also secured a third week of vacation and a six-month review with a planned 10% salary increase at that time. He has been told that he is now being considered for the … Read More

Cindy P. – Negotiated 27.8% Above Midrange and 15% Above Top Salary Range

It is my pleasure to announce that Cindy has accepted the position of Operations Manager of Emerging & Traditional Payment Channels for XXXX, a consumer financial services company. When Cindy started she was open to industries outside of financial services, but was not opposed to staying in the sector for the right opportunity. Cindy placed a lot of value in the interview training process we provided, along with a better branding process and methodology for networking and opening / leveraging conversations with others.

The position originated from a recruiter call. We used the position as the basis for our entire interview training which helped make it a very real scenario vs a general role play. Once the offer was extended, … Read More

Drew G. – CIO + $20K Above Offer In 15 Minutes + 6-Month Review For 15%

Drew has accepted the position as CIO for XXXX.  As CIO, Drew will be in an expanded role from the predecessor as he will not only lead IT operations, but will also serve as a strategic business partner in developing the growth of XXXX’s multiple locations and online presence.  When he spoke with the interim CIO, he was told there is much that can be done in the role, so Drew recognizes there will be opportunities for him to accomplish some impressive things to add to his resume.

There were multiple companies competing for Drew’s talents. He was contacted by another company that was interested in him and they asked him not to accept the XXXX offer until the spoke … Read More

Darrin H. – Limited Travel + 10% Salary Increase + 4 Weeks’ Vacation

It is my pleasure to announce that Darrin has accepted the position of General Manager for XXXX. When Darrin came to us he was doing consulting work with no solid opportunities for employment. He was most concerned about extensive travel, and had been doing a job search for another direction since September of 2014. After becoming an SC&C client, it was not long before he overcame not having sought employment and transitioning into the methodology and process that led to his new role.

Darrin’s new position transpired from networking. He had known a current XXXX District Manager for a long time, from Darrin’s prior work with that company. When this position became available, Darrin was “the guy to beat” for … Read More

Troy B. – Director, IT – $130K + Bonus

Here is a note from Jo Ann Moser about her client, Troy.  He accepted a role with XXXX, a small healthcare firm as the Director of IT. This was a difficult search and Troy worked diligently on his SHARE stories and his interviewing and networking. It paid off and the job is a perfect fit for his background and experience.

His starting salary will be $130K and he sees extensive room for growth and future bonus potential as this company has doubled in size every year since its inception.… Read More

John G. – Work-Life Balance Goal + Work From Home

Good morning, everyone. My client, John, has accepted a new role as an Account Manager with XXXX. John came to us as a harried employee working as a Business Manager for a large religious organization. He felt that the organization was too invasive in his personal life. He was also on-call all the time for any church functions (wedding, funerals, church events, etc.) and that had infringed on his last relationship.

His new role allows him more work-life balance. He now has the flexibility to work from home and he is currently being groomed to accept a higher role. He is very pleased that he had recently moved to a new condo and it so happens that he is only … Read More

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