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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Patrick V. – Dream Job – New Career – Non-Profit – Wife Thrilled!

Patrick was working for a nonprofit in the mid-south when he was hired by a family-owned manufacturer in the mid-west as their COO.  His role was to drive a strategy for growth and improve internal communications.  He was also asked to develop a strategy for converting the organization to an employee-owned company.  Despite Patrick’s great success in the role, the family decided not to pursue employee-ownership and eliminated Patrick’s position.

Patrick and his family were determined to relocate to the home where they were married and had lived as young people. Patrick thoroughly embraced the SC&C process and was an active networker.  He networked with individuals where he lived as well as in his target market area, driving … Read More

Rick K. – Age 57 – 90 Day Search Time + Perfect Job + + Great Package!

It is my pleasure to announce that Rick has accepted the position of Director, Physical Plant, for XXXX. This is an outstanding fit for Rick who loves the education environment. He will be working with an organization that is also is a solid cultural fit for him.

Rick is a late 50’s former executive who has been teaching high school chemistry for the last 2 years and hated it. Throughout his career he had acquired an interesting and diverse background but was concerned about the time away from the commercial world, and how his age would impact his ability to get back to something he loves.

Rick initially left his facilities management position to support wife’s business. Then she … Read More

Jim L. – $165K – Great Package – 50% Bonus – Work From Home

Join me in congratulating client Jim, who has accepted a position with XXXX.  He will be starting as their new Director of Global Sales and Business Development. Here are a few facts surrounding his executive job search. He will be working from his home, so there is no relocation. Second, he is in the early stages of development with another group to pursue a business opportunity which will take him to the South in the next few years, and taking the XXXX offer affords him the opportunity to continue to work on future career growth.

After using SC&C‘s negotiating techniques, Jim tells me that XXXX, raised the offer to $165,000, 4 weeks of vacation per year, a 50% bonus, … Read More

ElizabethW. – Intl. Placement – Multiple Interviews – Auto-Renew Contract

Here is a note from Jo Ann Moser, Elizabeth’s SC&C Campaign Director saying that Elizabeth has been placed.  She will assume her role as Country Manager with XXXX on a Caribbean island, as all the paperwork has been completed for her move there.

The back-story is: Liz has worked for herself and also has lived in the Caribbean before. She didn’t really see herself reporting to a stuffy office each day, despite having a number of productive interviews with a large company stateside. Instead, she began interviewing with XXXX an oil company that has taken over much of another Fortune 500 company’s oil operations in the Caribbean.

She went for one interview with them and was faced with a … Read More

Paul L. – CIO – Interview Preparation & Practice Pays Off – $160K +20% Bonus

A note from Barbara Limmer, Paul’s Campaign Director. “I’m pleased to announce that Paul has accepted the position of Managing Director of Infrastructure & Operations for XXXX.

Paul came to us, having left his previous employer of 11 years. He had had 5 bosses in the last 2 ½ years, and they kept bringing in new executives so his growth was extremely limited. He left because he had been working 12 hours a day, which greatly hindered his ability to look for another job. He was open to industry and willing to relocate, but his preference was to stay where he already lived.

His challenges were that he had been with the same company for so long that it … Read More

Kevin F. – Offered $5K More Than Top Company Ceiling

Here is a note from Valerie El-Jamil’s client Kevin. “My new position is with at XXXX as an Associate Director of Finance. They provide advanced research to help their customers in their target marketing campaigns. XXXX is a privately held company with over 10,000 employees and over $1 billion in revenue.

Coming from the national automotive repair arena, Kevin engaged Stewart, Cooper, & Coon seeking to transfer his knowledge, skills, and abilities as a controller and financial executive to another industry.  His new position achieves that.  He is now in the Consumer Experience Marketing industry.

In the early stages of Kevin’s engagement with SC&C, it was determined his core competencies extended beyond financial leadership to include operations, strategic planning, … Read More

Barbara P. Sr. HR – Multiple Offers – Negotiations Down To Last Minute

It is my pleasure to announce that Barbara has accepted the position of HR Director / Sr HR Consultant to the President of XXXX. Barbara came by this position through a LinkedIn™ posting leading to a recruiter call, then five long weeks of interviewing in a process that was rather disjointed and unclear. Barbara and her coach worked on preparation and review of each step along the way as well as through a rather interesting negotiation process.

Regarding the negotiations, Barbara’s situation was not uncommon in that she needed to be very close to her current location. For this reason, we focused on getting the best possible opportunity that balanced a legitimate compensation for the geographic area with the … Read More

Michael S – $220K + 25% Bonus + IPO Stock Value of $2.5M – 5 Mo. Search!

A note from Barbara Limmer, Micheal’s SC&C Campaign Director.  I’m happy to announce that Michael has landed an exciting opportunity.  Michael came to us having left his company due a new CEO and subsequent restructuring.

He had been with that company for 21 years, and had recently returned from China working as an expatriate. He has all of the requisite credentials, including a scientific undergraduate degree, an MBA, and Six Sigma Blackbelt certification from GE. He wanted help with branding, interviewing and company targeting, and he was open to relocation for the right opportunity. He also had a non-compete agreement so he could not work for a direct competitor of his former company. He was looking for a position in … Read More

Rick G. – $200K base + Great Package

Here are Rick’s comments to his Campaign Director, Bill Munson. “Hey, just wanted to catch up and let you know I accepted the CFO position at XXXX. We settled on a base and guaranteed bonus of $200k which is fine for me. It’s a very profitable company and the COO has committed that my base will move up as the retail base grows.  They also agreed to grant annual equity based on a program I get to set up. Read More

Brice S. – CEO – $300K Base – Proper Communication Strategy

Executive Placement

Here is a note from Bill Temple, Brice’s’ SC&C Campaign Director.  “It is my pleasure to formally announce that Brice has accepted the position of CEO for XXXX, an American division of a European company. When Brice came to us, he said that it had been quite a while since he had had to market himself and that, coupled with tight economic conditions; he felt would prohibit him from achieving the full potential of the next level in his career.

He wanted to develop a clear career focus. Up to the point he joined us, he was trying to be all things to all people, which was confusing his company targeting efforts and it was impeding his acceptance at Read More

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