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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Brian A. – 2 Years In Search Before SC&C – Successful Career Change

Brian had been in career search almost 2 years before he became an SC&C client and was trying very hard to make a change in his career direction. On Monday he accepted a position at XXXX as Associate Director, Graduate Admissions.   Brian had two parallel pursuits – one for “corporate” companies and the other for academia which he found very attractive but assumed he could never break into.

We spent much time discussing how he could leverage his business development skills and merge them with his interest in higher education. He is very pleased because he has now made a career transition and definitely has room for expansion. He will be working in a very nice college environment without … Read More

Kelly J. – $200K Base + 40% Bonus + $43K LT Comp. + House Purchase

Barbara Limmer, Kelly’s SC&C Campaign Director is pleased to announce that Kelly has accepted the position of Director of Operational Excellence for XXXX. Kelly was brought to SC&C by Art Lane as an outplacement client, having been laid off from her company, YYYY.

She is an expert in Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence. She has all of the impressive credentials one would need in her line of work (B.S. in Industrial Engineering, MBA, Certified Master Black Belt, and came up through GE’s Manufacturing Leadership program, but one potential obstacle for her was that she had not previously managed her own business unit. Also, even though her family was up for moving, she wanted to stay in the … Read More

Charles F. – “Your input gave me a $30K increase in the package.”

When Charles started with SC&C, he had a few things “in the pipeline,” so we focused on interview coaching.  During the course of the engagement, Charles had a few different opportunities that emerged and we discussed interview strategies for the different environments he was facing.

He interviewed with a major aerospace corporation for a training position.  Charles contacted me before an on-site interview with them where they mentioned his taking “an expanded role” because after his first round of interviews they believed he had more to offer the company and they created a “bigger” position for him.

While he was interviewing with many of the same people a key in this new role was how he interacted … Read More

Keith S. – $250K + 100% Bonus + CEO + Board Membership + Full Buyout

We have another CEO who joins our list of placed executives. Barbara Limmer wrote this about Keith’s success in job search. Keith made the leap from Executive General Manager of the Transportation division of XXXX to CEO of two companies—YYYY and ZZZZ Technologies and their subsidiary, AAAA. Both are in the technology manufacturing sector.

Keith came to us because his division was being divested. His main goal was to secure a President/CEO level role where he could run a business, instead of repeating his previous roles in strictly an engineering role.

He had previously been mainly in the railroad industry and wanted to move into a more high tech industry where innovation and global growth were keys. He also wanted … Read More

Kari H. – $20K Sign On Bonus – $85K More Earnings Potential – Multiple Offers

Kari has accepted the position of National Sales and Marketing Director with XXXX.  In her new role, Kari will have a base salary of $130,000, an additional $20,000 bonus eligibility for MBO attainment, and sales commissions potential of $120,000.  She also negotiated a $20,000 sign-on bonus.  This package represents an increase of $85,000 more earning potential over her previous position.


Read More

Jon M. – Age 64 – No Relocation

It is my pleasure to announce that Jon has landed the CFO position for XXXX. Jon came to us as a 64 year old former CFO of a mid-size Healthcare organization. He had resigned due to differences with his former boss, the CEO and, as such, needed some specific coaching regarding his resignation and how he should communicate the situation in which he found himself.

Though looking outside of Healthcare was an option, his real passion was to stay in the field.

There were three issues he faced; his age, a possible need to look at a broader geographic area, and his desired level of compensation were all potential roadblocks to his campaign.

Working with his coach, Jon worked … Read More

Rob B – $75K Guaranteed Commission – $15K salary increase – Great Package

A note to let you know that Rob has placed and that he is very pleased with his offer. His new title is International Sales Manager with XXXX, a company that Pam Longworth, his SC&C Marketing Specialist introduced him to as she was called target companies on his behalf.

Rob wrote us and said, “I am very pleased with the outcome. I want to thank you for all your help with this, you and your team have been amazing. In fact, I have referred two people to your services.”

Guaranteed First Year Commission: $75,000
Guaranteed 6% base pay increase annually- at least for the first 5 years
Company car, all costs paid, plus his wife will be on the … Read More

Alan W. – $180K Base – 30% Bonus – Home Again – Innovative Intl. Company

Alan came to us because he needed assistance to move from a very time-consuming consultative role with his former employer. He had been in China for an extended period of time but his family was still located in Massachusetts. When he started his search, he had a time and distance issue.  Every two months, Alan had to spend a month in China. This made communication with SC&C more difficult, not to mention executing a personal networking strategy that would help him find his next permanent role.

Using SKYPE technology, Alan and his coach worked out an appropriate meeting schedule that would allow for constructive conversations leading Alan through the product development, targeting and interview preparation activities. His coach also … Read More

Dawn G. – 125 applicants, 2 wk. interview process – $170K Base + Options

A note from Barbara Limmer, Dawn’s SC&C Campaign Director.  I am thrilled to announce that Dawn has accepted the position of Director of IT for XXXX, a cloud computing and voice company. Dawn came to us after she had been laid off when her company was sold. She had never really interviewed or looked for a job before—all previous jobs came to her through referrals and recommendations. She admitted to having a great deal of anxiety about interviewing.

She worked very hard with her campaign director to think through and articulate her achievements, successes and competencies, and she was very pleased with the documents our writers produced (great job Mike Fox and Leslie Noyes!). We also worked on her … Read More

John M. – Great Relocation Package

John has accepted a position with XXXX. They brought John on board to “develop a more robust position in the Commercial and Industrial fire protection markets.”  They created the role of Director of Commercial and Industrial Business Development, which will report to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

John utilized the needs, challenges, and opportunities approach, as his main strategy focus in this search. We coached him on when networking with executives from various companies at a large industry-related convention that took place mid-way during his search. XXXX was one of his key target companies, and he had been networking with them for some time.  At the convention, he leveraged the needs, challenges, opportunities approach to help him … Read More

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