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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Dean J. – Unemployed to Regional Manager

Here is a short note from Dean.  “I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position with XXXX.  I have completed their training and I am in the process of building my region. I want to thank you for the coaching and support at a time that I was searching for a role as a business owner or a leadership role as an employee of an organization.  XXXX is for me the perfect combination of independent contractor supported by a 57 year old organization that provides the backbone to a local “practice.”  Thanks, Dean”Read More

John H. – 90-Days In Search – 25 Years At Former Company – Small Town USA – Was Change Possible?

Only three months in search and I’m happy to announce that John has accepted a VP Operations position with XXXX.  John came to us as a referral from another client, after having been re-organized out of his position with his former company.  He was seeking a leadership position, and was interested in exploring new industries besides automotive, was even considering moving out of manufacturing.

His challenge was how to deal with interview questions around his departure from his previous company, which he had been with for 25 years, and also how to respond to questions of whether he’d be able to adapt to a new company culture, especially one that wasn’t large. He also hadn’t really interviewed for a position … Read More

Ron F. – Some Stories Simply End With The President Title

Here is a recent note from Ron.  “We have reached an agreement in principle to acquire XXXX.  I need to finalize the details, financing and other details.” I am President of the new company.Read More

Beth T. – Recruiter Got In The Way – Went To The Top – Tough Negotiator – $300K+

Here is a chronology of the interview process, provided by Bill Temple, Beth’s SC&C Campaign Director.

WT: That’s great, Beth! Always pays to go to the person who writes the checks! I am excited for your new position, and will advise the rest of the team on your acceptance of this role. If you would be so kind as to send me the anticipated values for the LTI, dual housing and commute elements, I’ll assume the balance of the offer package stays the same.

Client:  Thanks Bill.  The conversation with the CEO went great.  The recruiter was the one over-reacting.  CEO had a great grasp of comp, explained LTI, which is much more lucrative than I had thought, and the

Read More

Harry F. – From Consultant To Sr. Program Manager At Fortune 500 Company

I’m pleased to report that Harry has accepted the position of Sr. Program Manager at XXXX (Fortune 500). Harry came to us last December after having left a VP position at his former company.  He had left during a company consolidation, mostly to preserve his health, after stress and high blood pressure were affecting his ability to perform at the level he expects of himself. He set up a small consulting operation to stay busy for those 2 years, and once he had his health back he was ready to pursue an active search to rejoin the corporate world. With small children and a wife who travels he wanted to stay in CA; he also loved the technology industry.

We Read More

Susan K. – $185K +$10K Car Allowance + $50K Performance Bonus

Here is a note we just received from Susan to her coach, Bill Temple.  “I have officially accepted a position with a competitor company in my previous industry that fits both my job and salary criteria.  I will continue to look for the ‘dream job’ during the next months.  I interviewed with the COO and CEO of one such company yesterday. I believe it went well, but I was the first interview so they really didn’t have anyone to compare me to at this time. It is an exciting opportunity here in my local area and it also pays a lot better. Keep your fingers crossed for me on that one.  As always, thanks for your support. Will continue Read More

Steve N. – $150K + $50K Bonus + 4 Mo. Search Time – Great Benefits

Executive Placement

Here is a note from Steve N. to his SC&C Campaign Director, Bill Temple and the other five members of Steve’s placement team taken from an email sent to Bill the other day.   “Before coming to SC&C I had been intermittently looking for a new job for the nearly 3-years, on and off.  However, for the past 18 months I began looking for a new position aggressively and with NO LUCK. It was not a coincidence I landed a position within four months of my re-branding and work with SCC, so I wanted to provide you with some background color surrounding the events of my search.

FIRST, my resume was found by a headhunter who had a relationship with … Read More

Teresa W. – Industry Change – $160K – 13% Above Maximum Allowable Base Salary

Executive Placement

Teresa’s Situation was as an executive who occupied a sales leadership position, had no visible no career path and was in danger of becoming stagnant; she wanted to take her career to the next level.  She was interested in pursuing COO/CEO positions with smaller companies, or Director/Executive positions at large firms within a reasonable commute of her home.

Previously, Teresa had owned a retail company she started and grew to 6 locations over a number of years. This enabled her to develop a wide array of financial and operations skills adding to her strengths in marketing and sales.

In launching her job search, Teresa faced several Hindrances. At 50+, her age as a barrier in the marketplace Read More

Bonnie G. – 90 Day Job Search + 20% Bonus + Car and Came Out Of Retirement

Executive Placement

It is my pleasure to announce that Bonnie has accepted the position of EHS Manager position with XXXX. Bonnie came to us from a very long, successful career with a Fortune 500 company.  She took an early retirement package from them as a result of corporate restructuring, but was not happy just sitting around. Bonnie wanted to get back into manufacturing in the area of her passion: environmental sustainability.

Bonnie came to us after she had unsuccessfully conducted a job search on her own. Since leaving her company, she had only two lower-level interviews and began to feel that she was not positioning herself very well, but did not know how to do it better.… Read More

Jack M. – $175K base + $75K in commissions + car allowance of $33K/ Yr. + Stock Options To 50% Of Base

Executive Placement

Here is another placement story from Bill Temple, Jack’s SC&C Campaign Director. “It is my pleasure to announce that Jack has accepted the position of Vice President – Strategic Accounts for XXXX. Jack will be leading a sales/relationship team for once of their largest corporate accounts.

Jack had been very focused (and very successful) on the credit card co-branding side of the banking business.  His former employer decided to exit that business segment leaving Jack to find a new opportunity. Due to the very niche nature of his expertise, he was concerned about expanding his horizons into similar, but different areas. Through a careful packaging process, we positioned Jack as a Corporate Growth Strategist, and focused people’s attention on … Read More

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